Tuesday 5 August 2008

32 weeks, 5 days

Stomach size: 108cm - waist; 36cm - pelvic bone to bra

Looking at the opening sentence of the last email - my, how the weather has changed. Well, actually, it is still warm/muggy, but now we have rain. In a way, I'm quite relieved as it is a little cooler but I would prefer a good thunderstorm to clear the air and then fresh, non-humid sunshine.

Anyway, I am not on here to talk about the weather.

I went to a 'Preparing for Childbirth' physio class today. Don't know if you remember, but I missed the first one back in March due to my absentmindedness. It was another one of those times where I got ready for it the day after the actual event and only noticed at the very last minute that it had already been and gone! Well, I made this one on time and on date. Pat on the back, well done me (its the little things you know)!

It was a really useful class. I wasn't alone in having missed the first class as many others had too for various reasons. This meant that the course leader recapped a lot of what was covered in the first session. We concentrated on the first stage of labour - the different positions which may be more comfortable during contractions and what your partner can do to help. It isn't an ante-natal class so it doesn't go through pain relief, and the such, in detail but it covers massage, relaxation and TENS machines.

It was a real shame Stuart wasn't there. When my midwife told me about the classes, she said the partners didn't really need to be there but in hindsight, I think Stuart would have found it useful. Out of about 16-18 women, only four of them had their partners with them but I spoke to one partner and he said he found it really helpful, even just to know what to expect and how he can help when the time comes. He wasn't going to attend the session next week but after this session, he was going to try to get the day off work so he could attend again.

I have just realised I have come straight back and ignored the first thing we were taught regarding sitting correctly, so I have just moved to sit on my gym ball. It is actually a lot more comfy so I don't know why I haven't already been doing it. Plus I can have fun bouncing around at the same time as using the laptop, watching the TV etc. 'Bounce, bounce, bounce...bouncing's what Tiggers do best.'

Also, I have finally started painting the nursery - yay! For speed and convenience, we have decided not to strip this room of the lining paper and, as it is already painted white, we (I use the term we lightly...I) are going to just paint straight over it. No doubt, we will be decorating it again in a couple of years time when it reaches it's toddler years anyway so we can do the full job then if necessary. There is still pressure though to get the painting finished and book the carpet to be fitted before the furniture arrives on the 21st. Because they assemble the furniture for you when they deliver it, we need to have everything done. I have so far only painted one coat of the ceiling but I am going to paint the second coat this afternoon. It is so demoralising/demotivating (?? whichever is the right word) painting the ceiling. It is already white, and you are painting it with white paint so it doesn't actually look like you have done anything. Need to get a move on to paint the walls - providing I can colour match the paint with the border we have chose.

Anyway, best get on with it...

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