Thursday 14 August 2008

34 weeks

Stomach size: 109 waist; 39 pelvic bone to bra

Ahhhh, my belly button in starting to pop out!!! The top half has popped out and the bottom is still in. I don't want an outie!! I was really hoping it wouldn't happen. Thankfully, although it does still feel quite weird to be touched (only by me), it doesn't feel quite as horrid as it did before being pregnant. It has become slightly desensitised. That doesn't mean people can start prodding me in it and my defensive karate arms will be at the ready to slap them away.

I used my birthday pressie from Stuart yesterday and had the model make-over day. I had a number of photos taken of me clothed and then the photographer took a number of photos of me, Stuart and bump. The first lot of photos didn't really show off my pregnancy belly much and in some I just looked fat - you could especially see how much weight I have put on around my face - my cheek bones are threatening to swallow up my eyes when I smile! The pregnancy ones we then had done were with me wearing one of Stuart's shirts open at the front to show bump and hide boobs. Then I took the shirt off (:-o) and covered my boobs with my hands. The first shots were done in colour (I wore white trousers with a bright pink top) and the second lot were put into black and white. We got one photo free with the shoot and then we decided to buy one other photo. Unfortunately, the photos were soooooo expensive so we couldn't afford more. Because of this, we decided to go with two of the pregnancy ones as we can get them framed together in a double frame. To be honest, although the colours in the clothed photos looked really good, I don't think I looked so great and wouldn't have been as pleased to have any of them on show. Also, the pregnancy ones showed off my bump more and, therefore, were more appropriate. However, I think they might still be displayed in the bedroom - not sure I want all our friends seeing my pregnant naked body, no matter how much editing and touching up they do!

I had another MW appointment today. Baby is well - heartbeat still sounded healthy and happy. I had more blood tests done to test my blood sugar levels. Hopefully, these will be better than the last tests. Also, I've been taking an iron supplement (Spatone) for a week now and I am hoping that will be enough to show my iron levels are up. I mentioned the back pain I have been having (across the top of my bum) and she suspects I am starting to get SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) which is basically pelvic pain. Where everything is loosening and moving, it can cause my pelvic bones to become uneven and cause a bit of pain. The pain isn't too bad until the end of the day and is worse when I have been on my feet all day but I think it might have been making my age old shoulder pain come back. That is really painful. The MW said I should get a support belt to help with the back pain and to see how it is at the next appointment. Although, if it gets too painful before then to see the doctor. I might actually go to the doctor about the shoulder pain on its own as that is causing me more discomfort. The back pain just makes me behave like an old woman when I get out of a chair or out of bed. I can put up with that for a bit longer...

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