Wednesday 14 May 2008

20 weeks, 6 days

Stomach size: 100cm
Think I've had a bit of a growth spurt!!! Emphasised by the huge amount of stirfry I've just eaten!

Anyway, had our 20 week scan today. Baby is still doing well. All measurements were good apparently. Was a bit hard to work out the bits the Sonogropher was telling us at first as she was going down through the body from head to foot but then she zoomed out and showed us the various parts of the body. We saw its little feet and toes. It got hic-cups at the time too - strange I can't feel it when it has hic-cups yet. However, I do feel it move lots. It takes after its father there - a bit of a fidget!

We got photos again but I need to get them scanned in.

My BP is still high, more so than normal and the midwife told me to book an appointment with my GP asap - bit worrying now, I think they are going to put me on medication. My urine is still showing up clear of any protein though which is good so no other signs of pre-eclampsia.

Other news, been thinking a lot about 'the joys of pregnancy' or lack of them recently. Prompted by someone saying they loved being pregnant. I haven't quite worked out what the joys could be yet. I don't feel like I'm blooming (just blooming huge ;o) ). Some people say how calm they feel in pregnancy, I don't feel any calmer than normal - if anything less calm because I am hormonal. If I think too hard about being pregnant, the whole thing still scares me and I still think it is weird to have a little living thing moving inside me and couldn't really call it lovely. Though saying that, what is lovely is Stuart has literally just this second finally felt it move. I'm so happy for him. Anyway, the only joy that I can think of, which does trump all the negatives, is at the end of it you do get a little person that you and your partner (or me and Stuart) have created - but that is the end product not the pregnancy bit!! Hmmm....

Well, if anyone can name what they 'loved' about pregnancy, please enlighten me.

To finish, here are some piccies of my bump to keep you going until I get the scan pictures scanned in. Why does my stomach look so much bigger when it isn't covered?

Wednesday 7 May 2008

19 Weeks, 6 days

Firstly, to all TP readers - here is the link to the new discussion board - hope to see you there.

This may be a good time to mention how useful I have found being a member of a pregnancy discussion board. The mums to be are all expecting around the same time so you can share with them any concerns or questions you may have. It is a really useful support network and I would recommend it.

I have friends that have recently had children or are even pregnant now but, although they can be a useful resource, I think the fact everyone is experiencing similar things at around the same time as you is what is helpful.

I'm feeling quite a bit more energetic at the moment but think a lot of it is down to the weather improving. It is amazing how motivating the sunshine can make you. I do have to watch myself though as my lower back and hips ache by the end of every day. It is hard to accept that I can't do as much as I used to. I've got so much that I want to do too.

Not a lot else going on at the moment. I have my next scan next week so will write an update after that, and maybe post some more scan piccies.