About me!

A wife of one & a mother of two; an IT Trainer when I'm working; prolific waffler both here and on twitter.

My son, Callum, was born in September 2008 and truly changed our lives. Then we decided we were crazy enough to try it again and were blessed with my daughter, Millie, in August 2012.

I once declared I wanted to marry a man who already had children so I had a ready made family, so scared was I of being pregnant, giving birth and then being a 'good enough' mother. Thankfully, I fell in love with Stuart who (as far as he is telling me!!) did not have any children and desired to start his own family one day and, thankfully, convinced me it was a good idea too. I can't thank him enough for changing my mind!

I started my first blog to help me through the tough times and to celebrate the good times of pregnancy and parenting, through each milestone. In addition, it has served as an excellent diary for documenting those same moments in time. Its amazing how much we forget over time, especially the 'little' things but even the important things become warped in our memories.

What I didn't expect was how writing a blog would also be like therapy - helping me to work through the more challenging stages of parenting. I therefore decided to start another blog to waffle some more about my other interests, opinions or life challenges that don't fit under the parenting banner.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them. If you do, please be sure to comment and to share your own experiences too.

Thank you


  1. Hi Debbie!
    Interesting read! Thanks for chatting to me today, was lovely to get a bit of insight into your blog. I thought I would post the link to my blog here as we couldn't find it earlier. So far, one post is up- but hopefully there will be more to follow! http://pureaccidentalbeauty.blogspot.co.uk/
    xx :) see you!

    1. Excellent, thank you. Will go take a read.


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