Tuesday 26 August 2008

35 weeks, 5 days

Stomach size: 111cm - waist; 40 - pelvic bone to bra

I'm really suffering with the aches and pains today. It was the August Bank Holiday yesterday and Stuart and I were out and about, which resulted in me being on my feet for a lot of the day. This means I really hurt today. I found it really hard and painful to turn over in bed last night too which meant I didn't sleep very well. Felt like and old woman trying to walk to the toilet in the middle of the night!

Thankfully, I have a physio appointment for the SPD tomorrow and another on Friday for my shoulder.

I still feel bad for having these as I'm sure others are in more pain than I am - though, feeling what I do today, I really wouldn't want to be them.

My feet are well and truly swelling now - they looked like the elephant man's feet yesterday :o( However, they are a bit more evenly swollen rather than it just being the right foot.

Have been getting some very weird feelings lower down in the area of the head. Can't really explain what it feels like - perhaps like a very thorough, rough internal examination. It was getting a little painful too last night. No idea what the baby is actually doing. I think it is the baby engaging. I have a MW appointment tomorrow so I guess I will find out.

Again, fingers crossed my blood sugar will be low and my Iron will be up. Been taking Spatone for the Iron and I'm hoping it will have made a difference.

Can't believe, I've only got just over 4 weeks to go - eeek!

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