Friday 8 August 2008

33 weeks, 1 day

I feel like my bump is growing and quite a bit bigger today but I've just measured and I'm exactly the same as the last measurements.

I'm going to go back to my previous obsession and give you an update on my boobs. I can hear your joy now - I bet you feel like you know more about my body than you ever wanted to know. Sorry about that.

Anyway, they have grown. I'm not sure by how much because my cup size is the same it is just my back size that has changed. Apparently, when you go up a size, the cup gets bigger but doesn't necessarily change. I am now a 38C (from a 34C). If you look at them and ignore the rest of my body it is clear they are bigger but compared to my belly, they don't really look like they have grown because my bump is so big. They do now look ugly. As is normal in pregnancy, my nipples have grown and have gone from pink to brown :o( . I have also got two horrible purple stretchmarks on each breast. They just look very unattractive to me! I guess it is true that we never are happy with our bodies even if we do get what we ask for!

On to the aches, pains and ailments...I'm back decorating this week so that means the usual very, very achey ankles and legs. When particularly bad, I get a nervy pain in my right bum cheek and my right leg feels like it is going to drop off. I feel like an old woman when I get up and down. As for new aches and pains, in the morning, I now wake up with achey finger joints. I was waking up with pins and needles in my hands or, worse, they would be completely numb. Now, my joints feel achey or bruised - which I guess isn't so bad. All normal parts of being pregnant I'm afraid. Apparently, it is to do with water retention putting pressure on your nerves and joints. The last aches and pains development is my pelvic bone. This also feels bruised. I'm guessing this is to do with the baby's head moving into place.

Other news...the nursery is coming along. I have now painted the walls too. Today I will be pulling up the carpet, painting the windowsill, painting the skirting boards and radiator. My body is suffering a bit today though so will take it easy and what I don't get done today, can be done on Monday. I will then just need Stuart's help for putting the curtain rail up and the border.

I still can't get over there is only 7 weeks left until my due date. Some of the girls on the forum I talk on are a four or three weeks on from me which means they could drop any second now. That's what is frightening. It is going to be really weird and scary when they actually start having their babies.

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