Monday 28 July 2008

31 weeks, 4 days

Wow! Its hot, hot, hot!

I really hate to complain about the sun and heat as I hate cold, miserable weather so much but I am really struggling with the heat. I've lost my water spray. I'm getting so desperate that I might actually run out now and get a new one. Anything to cool down. Really wishing we had a paddling pool. Might have to be a purchase if this heat continues. It is currently about 29 degrees and really muggy. I'll remember this day when winter comes and I'm down in the dumps.

Also, someone has stolen my feet and replaced them with a rather odd pair. They might look like normal feet to the untrained eye but to me, they certainly don't look like the pair I've had for the last 28 years. They are just starting to get puffy. I can tell because there is a slight crease just before my toes where the puffiness stops and my sausages...I mean toes begin. I'm trying to keep my feet elevated as much as possible - not too much of a hardship sitting around all day with my feet up, even if I do feel a bit lazy.

Baby is still a super wiggler. Was convinced it was doing the hokey cokey last night. Stuart got to feel it have hic cups - and then got concerned because it had them for so long. If only he could feel them the 2-3 times a day that it gets them, poor baby. Definitely doesn't take after me there as I very, very rarely get hic cups. Only really if I am very very drunk - but of course that never happens! :-o

Right, off now to get my water spray...

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