Monday 22 November 2010

We are pretty lucky really

Just thinking about how lucky we are with Callum really. Don't get me wrong, he certainly has his moments but there are many times where he has been an absolute dream and so easy.

Thinking back...

  • The fact he refused his dummy at about 4 months old so doesn't suck a dummy or a thumb.
  • Started sleeping through the night at about 6 months (seemed like forever at the time but considering I know friends whose children still don't sleep through)
  • Is the most helpful little boy if I include him in what I am doing.
  • On a similar note, he is good at tidying up, putting things back in the correct place (exactly), putting things in the bin etc.
  • And, the latest thing being, we moved him into a big boy bed (well converted his cot bed into a bed) about a month ago and he has been amazing.
So, Stuart was away for the weekend, and I decided I'd destroy Callum's cot bed. So I pulled the whole thing apart and put the correct parts back together again as a bed. Callum tried to be very helpful too, trying to screw in the bolts etc.

When it was done, Callum loved it straight away and got in. However, it was a while before bedtime so I eventually persuaded him to get out and play for a bit longer. He was no trouble going to bed that night and it has continued that way. I checked on him before getting into bed myself for the first few nights (or Stuart did). He had two occurrences of falling out but has otherwise been fine. We (well I, and then convinced Stuart it was the right thing to do) decided not to go with the bed guard as his bed is sooooo close to the floor that it wasn't going to do him any harm if he fell out and I figured he had to learn how to stay in. After all, we went without a stairgate to teach him how to come down the stairs properly which is a hell of a lot more dangerous than him falling out of bed so it seemed a bit silly to then be all protective about the latter. It seems to have worked. If he stays at anyone else's house in a bed I will still use the guard if it is a high bed.

So another big Tick for my little man :o)

I'll just try to forget about the times he is a little terror, had issues with breastfeeding, bottle feeding, eating, his crawling, walking, level of talking - none of that la la, I can't hear you!!!

Callum is being a real Daddy's boy at the moment. He has been for some time so this is nothing new but it did start to get to me over the weekend. Don't get me wrong, it has its advantages when Callum is insisting that Daddy changes his pooey nappies, but I also know that I have to care for Callum for most of the week and I need to be able to bath him, get him to bed, get him up in the mornings. It is hurtful when he wont go to me but previously I remembered that it was me that Callum came to for quite some time in the beginning. I felt it was only fair that Stuart had his time. But it had started to step up a gear. Stuart has been wonderful. I kind of had a little strop about it and he has immediately tried to discourage Callum from doing it and trying to encourage him to go to me. In fairness, I do think the reason Callum was more difficult about it this weekend was because Stuart had picked him up from nursery, looked after him and put him to bed on the Friday then put him to bed when I went out on the Saturday too. It does often appear that whoever puts him to bed the most becomes the flavour of the month. And Callum does really miss Stuart during the week or when he doesn't see him. I got lots of cuddles at bed time tonight, though, so all is well again.

Will post a picture of Callum in his bed when I take the photos off my phone.