Monday 5 November 2012

How Your Child Sees You (MeMe)

Its been a while since I was tagged in a MeMe and I quite like this one, particularly because it fits in nicely with the theme of this blog, unlike most of the others I’ve come across! So I can actually genuinely say thank you to Aimee for tagging me this time.

You have to ask your child to draw a picture of you. Well, clearly Millie is too young so it was a job for Callum. Thankfully, he has been in a drawing mood recently so I armed myself with paper and (shiny new) pencils on a visit to Nanna & Grandpa’s to encourage him to draw a picture of me.

“No, I’m drawing an aeroplane, flying”

“I’ll draw a rainbow”

“OK Mummy”…..”Its Toys”IMAG4967

I gave up! Thankfully, I have a back up plan! A couple of days earlier he voluntarily drew a lovely family portrait so, this may be cheating, but here is me:

I was pleased to see I had a smile on my face this time (last time I was sad).

I enquired about the green line surrounding me:

“You’re trapped and you’re trying to get out”.

Clearly a very perceptive and sensitive child!

I wasn’t brave enough to ask why I had bubble type arms whereas everyone else had sticks…I feared I may have got back “they’re your boobies mummy” considering he has seen a fair bit of them since Millie has been born. Safer left unsaid!

I feel it is only fair, now, to share with you the whole picture. From left to right, Me, Callum, Millie (the green person by his hand, the one by his head is a “funny head”) and Stuart.


I do love that he is actually drawing proper recognisable ‘things’ and people now. I’m always excited to see what his next picture may be.

So, I now pass the baton on to Karen, Kara and Tas. Good luck (and sorry if Memes aren’t your thing)!

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  1. Oh I like this Meme, thank you for tagging me. I will ask my son tomorrow :-)


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