Monday 12 November 2012

Slow Down! You’re Growing Too Fast!

I confess that the ‘newborn’ phase of having a child is not my favourite!!! I love it when babies get to about 6 months and are really interacting with you. So it surprises me to be saying this but Millie is developing just so damn fast and I can see these gorgeous weeny newborn disappearing before my eyes.

But I am also excited to the baby she is becoming and developing into. She is learning things so fast that its exciting to see what the next day will bring.

First there was her interacting with her toys. Mainly her dangly toys on her play gym but she really grabs and whacks them! Like many a baby before her, she also loves mirrors too.

Then today, more on the toy theme, she started looking at one of her toys, Dingle and dangly jingly sheep, that I have on her change mat. She has shown it very little interest up until now, instead preferring to talk to the window and blinds which is behind the change mat! Then just now she was really focusing it and kept hitting it until his face fell closer to hers and then she started cooing at it. So I moved it back and she repeated it again.

Even more amazing than that, and what took me completely surprise despite me expecting it would come sooner rather than later. My little baby girl rolled! I’d plopped her on her front surrounded by toys and went to continue with my present wrapping (in my effort to be a little organised for Christmas) and then she went. She flipped as easy as if she had been doing it for weeks onto her back!

I hurriedly put her on her front again and got my phone out to video her doing it again but no, once was enough and had exhausted her so I’ll have to try again tomorrow with my phone at the ready, when she is all fresh and full of energy again!

But as all things come in threes, what is more, today she has also started grabbing for her feet (or foot at the moment). Once more, while on her change mat, she was continually grabbing for it.

So much! All at once! You watch, she’ll be walking tomorrow – Nooooo, I wont even joke!!!!


Video taken day after post published on 13 November – Only just got it. She still only has the strength to do one roll front to back.

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