Friday 13 January 2012

Proud Mummy Moment

My little boy had his first solo swimming lesson!!! I am so proud of him and, very unlike me, I very nearly shed a tear watching him splashing away.

I was nervous while we were queuing up waiting for the lesson to start. Callum can be quite shy and clingy if he isn’t sure of something. I had carefully chosen the lesson so that it was with the swimming instructor he was familiar with but it was a different swimming pool so he could  have still been apprehensive to go on his own. I had also told him he would be going in on his own so he knew to expect it and he hadn’t seemed worried. I needn’t have worried either he went straight in the water without a care.

It was also lovely to watch him following instructions and waiting his turn. Although I know he can follow instructions when just us and Callum but I don’t often get to see what he is like when there are other children around. He was very good and apart from a couple of times being distracted by the big swimming pool (resulting in another little girl on the lesson pulling him to the float by his arm rings to break him from his reverie) followed all the instructions given to him.

He still needs to work on stretching his legs out behind him and up so he kicks out of the water to help propel him forward but that’s what the swimming lessons are for! To help him progress.

However, when it was his turn to jump in the water after a ball he threw, I couldn’t have been more proud. He did a big jump completely on his own without fear. All the other children in the lesson either jumped at the instructor or went for her hand – none of them did it without trepidation.

It looks like swimming is definitely the sport worth pursuing for Callum at this stage, especially comparing it to the disaster of the football lessons we took him to.

I should have taken a close up photo of him with his goggles on – he looked so cute.  Unfortunately, though, I only thought of taking photos when I saw the other mums doing so so only got photos from a distance and including the other children so I don’t like to share them here without their permission. I’ll try to get one of just Callum next week.

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