Friday 6 January 2012

Biscuits! I thought you were my friend!

I’ve been feeling a bit sick for about a week now. Usually when I’m tired, hungry or I’ve overeaten (which is a lesser amount to what I used to eat).
I can’t do much about when I’m tired and other than eating slowly and watching portion sizes in the first place, all I can do is wait for the food to go down when I eat too much.
Combatting the hunger sickness, however, is the one I can do something about (so I thought). As I’ve been hungry when I wake up first thing in the morning, I’ve kept a pack of biscuits in my bedside drawer to munch on immediately before waking. This had been helping a bit and if I should get up and move about before this biscuit munch I would quickly find myself with my head down the loo again – but just dry retching (there was nothing to come up as I had an empty tummy).
Though, what I have since discovered is it actually makes no bloody difference. I still dry retch even after the biscuits and I should definitely not drink a cup of tea before my bout of morning retching as that will turn into full blown morning sickness!
Yes, tea & biscuit in bed equalled actually being sick!
So, I am now careful to not have my tea until after my morning retch. As for the biscuits, I’m in denial. If I’m going to dry retch either way, I may as well continue to have a biscuit or two and pretend they are for ‘medicinal’ reasons!
During the day, I’ve tried different techniques…unsuccessfully. Like, scoffing down a bag of sweets….only to feel sick from eating too many sweets!
At least I’m further on than I thought I was – it appears I may actually be 8 weeks now (which is about 1 wk and 2 days further on). I’ll be making my MW booking in appointment next week and then can hopefully get the process started. Maybe even start to accept mentally that I might actually be pregnant…..nah!

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