Monday 23 January 2012

Baby Bump or Food Baby? 10 Weeks, 3 Days

I’m at that stage now, in pregnancy, where it is difficult to tell whether my bump is baby or fat!
After eating a meal, to me, it definitely looks like baby bump protruding out and it does go quite hard but when squeezed over the top of my jeans or I’ll wobble it up and down, it most definitely looks and feels flabby!
However, treading on the scales…and we all know the scales don’t lie!!!….I’m still pretty much the same weight as when I fell pregnant – I’ve fluctuated within the lb during that time but that’s all.
Still, with my boobs and tummy both obviously growing its hard to believe its not because of all that extra chocolate I’m eating and the reduced exercise!
Here are a couple of photos for you to make up your own mind – side profile looks more baby bumpy, front on looks fat (especially those love handles!!). Oh. and that’s a pattern on my t-shirt, I haven’t been splattered by something grotesque!

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