Friday 13 January 2012

And we’re off! - 9 weeks

Today I had my MW booking in appointment.
I was worried I wasn’t going to get one in time because when I rang the Dr the other day (9th Jan), the first appointment could get was 3 February which would have been the day I was 12 weeks. Considering I am meant to have my first scan at 12 weeks, this wasn’t ideal.
Thankfully, they gave me the MW’s mobile number and she managed to squeeze me in today (at 9 weeks).
She is really lovely, I really like her.
All that is done at this stage is a medical history check and setting me up with my new Pregnancy Health Records. Of course, she asks how my last pregnancy and labour went.
Because Callum came at 36 weeks and I had high blood pressure, she has put me down as an at risk pregnancy but that doesn’t necessarily mean I will have any extra monitoring. It will probably just be down to whether my blood pressure goes high and at the moment it is all normal, which is good to hear,
So that’s it, the ball’s rolling. The MW will request my scan and I should receive a letter in the post soon with the date of that. I’ll next see her at 16 weeks on 2 March assuming everything is ok.
(Just to note my starting waist size and weight – I was 95cm and 10st 10lb around 5 weeks and then 94cm  and 10st 9lb last week at about 8 weeks. Weight today was just under 11st)

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