Friday 20 January 2012

Joyful Update

Hoorah! I have my scan date – I’m booked in for 2 Feb, a day before I’m 12 weeks.
I’m still  being sick. I have bad days and I have not so bad days. I’m still knackered after doing anything more strenuous than laying on the sofa. My clothes are getting tighter and I walk around the house with my button undone on my jeans – I desperately need to get my maternity clothes out of my brother & sister-in-law’s house.
On top of that, I’ve found out I don’t qualify for maternity allowance so need to get my arse in gear to find a job!
Finally, I’ve now got a cold.
As you can see, full of the joys of pregnancy at the moment!
Just a little moan/update.
Tummy size: 95cm

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