Monday 2 March 2009

6 months

I had to write today! I can't believe it is Callum's 6 month birthday today.

Right now he is happily bouncing away and screeching in his Jumperoo! 

Still not much to report on the development progress. Still not rolling. Still not sitting up unaided. Still no teeth!

I know we aren't weaning him for a while yet but we have let him attempt to chew/suck on a couple of things - lettuce, cucumber and a runner bean. Just why he was sat on Stuart's lap. He still isn't ready but he did have them in his mouth for a bit and his face wasn't too sure of the flavour or texture. Still really looking forward to weaning him properly.

One thing that changes when your baby gets to 6 months is that you can now give them water straight from the tap instead of having to boil and cool it first. Callum doesn't have much water at the moment but he will when he starts having proper food. I might start giving him a bit in his doidy cup (a plastic cup that is slanted on one side so they can see what they are drinking and don't have to tip it up as much) to help train him to use it.

I got out the next stage of clothes (6-9 months) that we have been given or have bought to wash today. He is normally a month behind before moving up to the next stage of clothing so I'm doing it a bit early but at least it will be ready. 

Callum's bottom is still not better but is still a lot better than it was. 

Calum seems to be really happy at the moment and is so fun to be with. I'm sure now that I've said that he'll be grumpy for the next few days now but I'm enjoying it why it lasts. I think it helps when his days are varied with going out and the toys he plays with.

I take it back on the development front. I've just sat here for the last 15-20 minutes blowing continuous raspberries with Callum. In fact he is still at it. It is so funny. He first blew a raspberry about 3 weeks ago and has tended to only do it when he is a bit fed up. Now he is doing them over and over again. May be he is really really fed up? ;o)

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