Monday 23 March 2009

6 Months, 2 Weeks, 6 days

On Sunday, I had a lovely Mothers' Day. It was a bit slow to start as it was my turn to get Callum (it was Stuart's turn to get up in the night/morning to feed him) so no lay in or breakfast/tea in bed. I got my card and present whenCallum got up from his morning nap. It was really sweet as Stuart brought him downstairs holding a pen, made to look like a silk rose, (well, he was actually have a good old suck of the rose pen (the rose end) and I'm not too sure that he was keen to give it up but hey ho). I had a great card and inside the card was my main present. Some money for a tattoo I want done next weekend. Not sure how appropriate a present a tattoo is from your 6.5 month son but I was thrilled :o). Just to think, he saved the money up all by himself and went out and got the card when I wasn't looking - such a clever boy ;o). We then went to the driving range - first time I've hit a golf ball in about 18 months and I wasn't quite as bad as I thought I would be (still very bad though) - then for a walk along the river and finally went to Prezzo for lunch/dinner at 3pm.

Now, enough about me, back to Callum!

I'm already starting to see an improvement with the weaning. There was definitely food in his poo this morning. God, to hear myself. Getting excited about examining Callum's poo and finding food in it - what has my life become :-/

So, on Saturday, I gave Callum some porridge with mashed banana and there was definitely less gagging. Then mid afternoon, we gave him the remainder of the banana (minus a few bites from us!). You peel it but keep the bottom part of it in the skin and just cut back the flaps with scissors. This way, he can keep a grip on the banana (can be very slipper otherwise!). He had a really good suck on it. He seemed to be really enjoying it. For lunch, I gave him a prawn and some bits of cucumber (we had prawn and cucumber sandwiches). He sucked on the prawn for quite a bit and then put it down and went for the cucumber. He seemed to like nibbling and sucking on the cucumber too. There were little dent marks in some of the pieces of cucumber. I understand they like it for their gums when they are teething.

On Sunday, Callum had some wheatabix with mashed banana for breakfast. He was really enjoying eating it and, again, a lot less gagging. I'm sure he swallowed some too because I saw him put the spoon in his mouth with wheatabix on, the spoon came out without the wheatabix and nothing got spat out. Very proud mummy! He isn't even eating half a wheatix yet but it is still very early days. It could be a couple of months yet before he actually realises food can fill him up ad starts consuming more.

Later that morning he sucked on a banana again. He lost interest when a big lump broke off in his mouth - which he spat out. In between our walk and going for dinner we went for a cup of tea in Whetherspoons and I gave Callum a bit of cucumber which he enjoyed sucking on for a while. When we were in Prezzo, we put a couple of bits of pasta, half a cherry tomato, lettuce and a bit of chicken on a plate for Callum to eat/play with. He had a good suck on everything. Wasn't too bothered by the chicken but seemed to really like the tomato. I was worried after his rash on his cheeks the other day that he might be allergic to tomato but not sure now. He had a bit of a dribble rash on his chin but I'm not sure it was tomato related. 

Today, Callum had wheatabix and mashed banana again for breakfast (by the way, I mix it with a bit of full fat cow's milk - they aren't allowed cow's milk to drink until they are 1 but they can have full fat milk in cooking and with cereal), he sucked on banana for mid-morning snack then, for lunch, he sucked on a sausage for a bit. I tried to give him a rice cake for mid-afternoon snack but he wasn't really interested - I don't blame him!

Other news - we can finally see a tooth starting to break through. Just a tiny little dot but both Stuart and I have seen it. Hopefully, it will pop through properly over the next few days.

His sitting is coming on really well. He can sit up for quite a bit now but it is still way too soon to take the pillows away that we surround him with to soften the inevitable fall. 

He is doing this thing that I call the Tea-Pot. He sort of holds his breath, puffs out his cheeks and then blows so his face goes red - it looks like he is about to blow steam out of his ears. Its quite funny but no idea why he does it. He is still doing lots of raspberries too.

For proof of how much he likes his Jumperoo, if you hold him in a standing position on your lap or something, he tries to bounce and laughs - he he. Just to note he is really going for it now, bouncing vigorously while squealing at me. Money very well spent, me thinks!

Right, got to go - nap time.

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