Wednesday 25 February 2009

5 months, 3 weeks, 1 day old

Well, Callum still has his nasty nappy rash and runny poo! It did seem to get better over the weekend but it took a turn for the worse again on Monday. So I took him to the doctors yesterday. She said it could be viral or could be teething, it was difficult to say. Not a lot you can do. The nappy rash will clear up when the diarrhoea goes away. In the meantime, all I can do is to keep trying different creams until I find one that seems to work (as well as the other stuff I'm already doing - cotton wool and water instead of wipes, nappy off time etc). She prescribed him one called Diapolene. 

The rash does seem to be getting better again, so hopefully it is working. He still has diarrhoea though so I don't know if it will just come back again.

Callum is loving his Jumperoo still. He was bouncing and laughing in it for ages today. So cute!

He has started doing a weird thing with his left leg. He keeps kind of kicking it back and forth to hit his heal against whatever he is sitting on. It looked a bit like he was doing the Riverdance in the bath. I took a video of it but it isn't decent enough for here - don't want to be showing his rudey bits to the world! It is strange that it is just his left leg, he keeps his other leg pretty much still. He does it in his bouncy chair and car seat too. Very odd!

Development wise, he isn't noticeably doing a lot but he does seem to be concentrating more on controlling his hands to grab and pick up things. He loves to stroke and hold my hair. He does it so carefully and doesn't often pull it. He likes to eat it too. Is it wrong to get him a fake hair piece just to play with? He might get hairballs!!!

We have decided on a date when we are going to start weaning. It will be nice of both Stuart and I can be there when we start. The weekend 2 weeks after his 6 month Birthday (as advised by the HV) is 14 & 15 March but we are away and think it is best to be at home, so, 21 & 22 it is. Now we need to get a high chair (though not compulsory at this stage), bowls, messy mats, beaker cups (Mum has bought him one but we probably need more than one and we wont be able to pick up the one they have until the following week). Best get on with finishing my BLW book too.

Can't believe it is Callum's 6 month Birthday next week. 6 months always seemed like this milestone that was miles away and it is strange to think that it is nearly here. 

Best not to mention sleep at the moment!

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