Tuesday 10 March 2009

6 months, 1 week

Weight has stayed the same for the last few weeks, hense why there isn't an update. Have fallen off the diet wagon big time! Need to be motivated to get back on it before I start putting on weight again.

Quick update on Callum.

I got Callum weighed last week and he is now 15lb 9 oz. The nappy rash has finally gone and his poo is starting to go back to normal. Hoorah! Can recommend Drapolene if your other creams aren't working. It is a barrier cream as well so you can use it even when they haven't got nappy rash if you wish. I'm going to continue to use it for this week then will just use it when his bottom is looking a bit sore (this is what I was doing with Sudocrem).

Big news is he sat on his own, unsupported for about a minute :o) I was at a friend's house and just put him on the floor in a sitting position and let go but keeping my legs either side of him fully expecting him to go to fall over pretty quickly. However, he didn't and he kept adjusting himself. He hasn't done it for as long since, normally because he always wants whatever is just out of his reach.

On that note, he always want whatever it is I am holding/using now. Laptop, phone, remote control, glass of water, food...!!! Good sign that he is finally ready for weaning. Getting really excited about starting now.

Going to do another post just after this regarding BLW so keep reading...

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