Sunday 29 March 2009

6 months, 3 weeks, 5 days

Well, after the excitement at the beginning of the week that I was already seeing an improvement with the weaning and evidence that Callum was swallowing food, its all gone a bit flat! Over the last few days, he hasn't really shown any interest in eating food and much prefers to throw it on the floor instead. He occasionally will take a lick of something, then pull a face and throws it on the floor! I wonder whether it is because of his tooth/teeth. He sucked on a cucumber for a bit today. Cucumber is meant to be cooling on their gums.

Apparently, periods of not being interested in eating is to be expected though, according to the BLW book, so I'm not worried and I'm sure he will be interested/excited in food again soon. 

Some exciting progress - Callum has finally rolled over - yipee! I was on the floor with him and I swung his legs over and he took his body over quite easily so he was on his front (hard to explain without a demonstration). I do this quite a bit but it rarely leads to him doing it himself. I was then playing aeroplanes with him on my knees and me on my back on the floor, when he puked on me! Lovely, I know! I had a nice pool of puke on my chest so had to go and change my top. I put Callum on his play gym and went upstairs to change. I came downstairs after to him really crying. I was wondering why he had got himself into a state when I saw he was on his front!!!! I couldn't believe it, he must have rolled over on his own while I was upstairs. Typical I didn't get to see it. Stuart said he felt wrong being happy at something that made his son cry ;o). Callumn pretty much rolled over again the next day when we were at my parents with us all watching and then managed to flick himself back again so maybe he will start doing it more soon and he may even stop getting upset when he is on his front. Not expecting miracles though.

Callum is regularly sleeping through the night now - hooray!!! He has only woken in the night once over the last week. He often wakes and wants to get up around 6.15am but I can cope with that. I am hoping his get up time might get later now that the clocks have gone forward. We have decided to start his bedtime routine at 7pm now (so, technically, it isn't changing for him - 7pm new time is 6pm old time which is when we used to start). The theory being, he will now be going to bed between 7.30 and 8pm and waking after 7. Like I say, the theory - being lighter in the morning means this might not come to plan. Plus Stuart will still be getting up at 6am so this might be what is waking him up during the week. 

My parents had a party on Saturday which Callum came along to. We kept him awake for family pictures at the beginning of the night and then got him ready for bed and gave him his last milk. He then managed to go to sleep despite the loud music. We put him behind the DJ stand (where it was a bit quieter and cooler) and he stayed there asleep the whole night. He even stayed asleep through the rest of the night after we got back to my parents too, which Stuart and I were both grateful for despite the early rise of 6.15am (which was actually 7.15am new time :o)). 

So, two big developments which I seriously thought we might never see have happened - sleeping through the night and rolling over. Three if you count his tooth coming through too. Our little boy is growing up and developing!

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