Tuesday 7 April 2009

7 months, 1 week

Weight: not sure what my last weight statement was but I now have 7lb to lose to get back to pre-preg weight. Seems such a small amount but so difficult to do (guessing the easter egg I've just demolished wont help!!!)

Well, feeling a bit frustrated with the weaning today. We have made progress but, despite the fact BLW is meant to be easier and there are meant to be less battles than with spoon-feeding, I still feel like mealtimes are such a struggle. Sometimes Callum will try something but most of the time he just throws a kind of tantrum for most of the time he is in his Bumbo. I try to eat my meals (except dinner) with him and he does sometimes look at what I'm doing and try his too but, usually, he will whine and whinge and rock back and forth for ages (by which time I've eaten my meal) and then he will see something, pick it up, look at it, throw it on the floor and go back to whining, whinging and rocking again. He seems to take more notice of what is on his tray if I'm ignoring him and off doing other stuff so I end up doing that. He really behaves as if I am trying to poison him.

I'm not changing my mind about doing BLW and I really do believe it will get better and is a better way to wean than spoon-feeding, but I feel that Callum is just not really interested. I'm really worried he is going to turn into a fussy eater like I was. From his reactions, I get the impression he would be the same (if not worse) even if he was spoon-fed.

As I say, we have made progress. He only coughs a little bit now when pieces break off in his mouth and it doesn't necessarily mean he will immediately discard it. He has gone back to sucking on bananas for a bit. He is still really keen on cucumber and will suck on a piece for a while. Today, he seemed to enjoy sucking on a piece of duck (in between 'tantrums') and yogurt has been a big hit (especially strawberry) - when I say big hit, it means he goes back for another mouthful or two. Typically unhealthy, he tucked into a chip on Saturday. We were having a day out and Stuart and I had fish and chips so had to share with him to stick with the BLW rule. He really went for the chip. Odd then that he isn't interested in roast potato or roast sweet potato. 

I think I just expected Callum to be more interested in trying stuff but, so often, it doesn't even get to his lips. If he doesn't like the feel of it when he touches it with a finger - tantrum and eventually it meets the floor! 

On a more positive note, he is still sleeping through (touching wood and hoping I haven't just jinxed it) and he has rolled and got stuck a couple more times. I can also feel tooth number 2 just under the gum - I can't wait for that to finally make an appearance. Teething isn't fun and I don't think Callum has been too bad with it. I've heard worse cases where the baby's routine has really been affected along with the constant grizzling.

We are still going to rhymetime/baby bounce at the library when we can. Callum spends the first while looking scared at all the other babies running/crawling around and he makes whimpering noises. Not really sure what he gets out of it - I think I enjoy it more than he does ;o) Today, a child kept stealing his toy, poor thing. The mum just kept apologising saying her child didn't normally do that. Didn't really stop him from doing it at all, though, or try to get a replacement one or anything. Then a little girl nearly pinched me - only lightly but kinda did it sneakily while I wasn't looking then looked all shocked when I looked at her. Oh well, it gets us out of the house for a bit.

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