Wednesday 18 February 2009

5 Months, 2 weeks, 1 day

Weight - 8.5lb to go :o)

My poor little sausage! He has such a sore bum! For the last 5ish days he has had snotty nappies and really bad nappy rash. I know these are all signs of teething but he seems very happy in himself apart from when I change his nappy or when he poos in the middle of the night. 

I'm plastering on the Sudocrem. After my sister's advice, I've gone back to cotton wool and water to clean his bottom. I'm giving him about an hour's nappy off time in the evening. I actually called the Health Visitor (HV) today as it looks red raw and I feel like I'm abusing him every time I change his nappy as he cries so much and looks at me as if to say "Why are you hurting me like this mummy?". Heartbreaking! Anyway, HV wasn't about so the Nursery Nurse (Lexi) got back to me. 

N.B. Really don't get what the Nursery Nurse is meant to do/know. I don't really know what she is qualified for etc. I thought Nursery Nurses just looked after kiddies at nurseries.

I told her everything I was doing and did mention that I'd bought some Metanium but, after two uses, was worried that it was making his bottom worse. She was saying I was doing all the right things but was surprised about the Metanium as it usually clears up nappy rash in 24 hours. She recommended that I give it another try and, if it still doesn't clear up after a few days, go to the doctor. Will have to see how we go. Will keep you updated! I know you love to hear details about Callum's bottom and nappies...!!!

My mental shake has helped as I'm feeling a lot more relaxed about the sleep issues. We have good days and bad days but even on the bad days I just seem to accept it. I guess this will change and I'll get frustrated with it again - probably around PMT time!!! Seems to be the common trend! The only reason why I miss being pregnant! But for the moment, I'm just taking each day as it comes and dealing with it.

I guess, what also helps, is that it sounds like all the other girls on my NCT group are now going through what I went through. Shame it hasn't all necessarily happened at the same time.

Finally, I've just heard a friend is pregnant (Yay!). Stuart (and then I) suspected it but didn't know for sure. I met with her for lunch with another friend and wasn't particular holding back on the real life of being a parent to a new baby (though I guess he isn't new anymore). My friend made a comment about scaring off my other friend (who we now know was pregnant at the time) and that she probably wasn't going to be in any hurry to have any kids. I did apologise but I don't feel too bad as I really think you should tell it how it is then it isn't a shock when it happens to them. No one tells you or really makes you understand just how tough it can be sometimes. I think it is important to know what you are getting into!!!!

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