Wednesday 2 July 2008

27 weeks, 6 days

Stomach size: 106cm

I've got my 28 week midwife appointment today. Bit nervous as they are going to do a glucose test - I'm worried they are going to tell me I've been eating too much sweet stuff and I'll have to be a bit more careful in future :o( - Too much sweet stuff could mean we get gestational diabetes which will make me have a fat baby!

Also a bit apprehensive about the upcoming months ahead. All the aches and pains and other typical pregnancy symptoms come in the last trimester which I'm about to start tomorrow. I already have the achey ankles, my face is now becomming podgy (probably down to the sweet stuff!!!). However, rather strangely, my hair seems to be improving which is an unexpected bonus!!!

So, following the last trimester, I've obviously got the labour to get through which isn't likely to be a picnic!

Then, once the baby is born, I have the knackering sleepless nights and constant feeding, burping, changing nappies along with trying to keep up with housework and dinners etc. Everyone who has had babies in the past year (and anyone that has ever had children likes to share their experiences too) has said how difficult the first six weeks are. I guess I will have to make the most of Stuart being on paternity leave and then I've asked my mum to come and stay for a few days.

Baby is still wiggling lots. I think it looks like my bump is going to get up and walk away the way it moves and ripples. He he. It has a life of its own! Literally, cos there is a little bubba in there.

I'm trying hard to find the perfect nurser furniture at an affordable price. I know specifically what I want which makes it that much more difficult. However, I have found a set. It is actually a 5 piece set though and we only need, as a minimum, the cotbed and changing unit. This has, in addition, a wardrobe, toy box and shelf which would all be really useful and would save us having to shell out later and struggle to get the furniture to match.

Unfortunately, though, despite finding it £230 cheaper than the manufacturers price and being a real bargain, it is still over our budget. We were hoping to find the furniture on ebay, therefore getting it cheaper but finding what you want on ebay makes it more difficult. You need to have your make and design in mind so you know what it is going to look like when you buy it so you are unlikely to get what you are looking for in your area - this kind of thing is nearly always going to be for collection only. You never know though - must keep looking and have faith :o)

I know what car seat I want, which is actually £10 under budget.

We have another unexpected thing to pay out for unfortunately. My sister had said we could have the moses basket she had for her children. She had thought she had only leant it to her sister-in-law thinking it was a nice thing to keep in the family. Instead, she had actually sold it to her because, at the time, we weren't having children for 3 years. I was chuffed to not have to worry about the moses basket, especially as it is one of the main things you need straight away and it meant more that it was being passed down from my sister so this is a real shame - but it can't be helped - we were adamant that we weren't going to be having children for a while.


  1. Hey You!

    Hope all is OK. How did the scan go?

    Don't worry about a Moses basket - you don't have to have one. We didn't use one and I know loads of parents who don't/didn't use one. Hannah slept in her cotbed in her own room (right next to ours with both doors open to listen out for her - how may parents have their babies in their rooms until they're 6 months old? Very few I'd imagine) from night 1 at home. She was also over 7 lbs and therefore went into a Grobag (sleeping bag) straight away, we didn't swaddle her at all. People will tell you different things and what works for some may not work for others - there are definitely no rules to raising babies.

    One tip I had from friends, before Hannah was born, was not to go mad buying stuff. Borrow what you can, check ebay regularly and don't worry if you don't have matching nursery items - after all the baby won't know! We got matching cotbed and changing station but couldn't afford (and thought it a bit OTT too) the matching wardrobe, so Greg kindly painted up an old children's wardrobe. It looks good and has a personal feel about it.

    If you want, we have 2 x 2.0 tog Unisex Grobags size 0-6 months (which will see you nicely through the winter) and a Mamas & Papas car seat we can lend you (using the car seat still but will have upgraded by the time your little one arrives). Let me know!

    Oh yes - if you do happen to read any Gina Ford books, remember one thing, she does not have a child of her own! She sometimes (ahem) comes across as patronising and has made a lot of parents (mums mainly) feel guilty. Hannah is the most contented baby I know and I can proudly say she's not a Gina baby - she's a Fiona and Greg baby! Sure I took on some of her ideas but then again, they're not really her ideas, they are common sense and instinct based and a number of other baby "experts" say exactly the same thing or the complete opposite!

    Enjoy your pregnancy!

    Speak soon.


    Fi xxx

  2. Meant how did your midwife appointment go not your scan? Mumnesia taking hold - argh!


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