Monday 7 July 2008

28 weeks, 4 days

I had my MW appointment last Thursday. All was pretty good, although she hurt me quite a bit doing my blood test. I actually cried out in pain. She said, "was that more than you bargained for?" - Yeah, you're not kidding! Also, there was a bit of sugar in my urine which could have been caused by eating too many grapes - nothing to do with all the sweet stuff I've been eating lately, honest!!!! :-o One of the blood tests is for the glucose test so I am still hoping that the blood will be clear of glucose. I wont get the results until the next appointment in 3 weeks unless there is something wrong.

Some good news - we have ordered the nursery furniture :oD. I'm so excited about it. Having it ordered is really helping me to push on with the decorating too. Nearly finished the painting of our room - should be done by the end of this week - so I can get the carpet ordered and, once it is fitted, move the furniture in, then start all over again with the nursery!!!

Also, Stuart's parents have kindly offered to buy us a moses basket which is really nice of them. Everything is on the go with the baby stuff!

I've also started to buy a few bits in preparation - like nappies, milk etc. I've so much I still need to get but I am taking the advice of a friend and buying a few bits in with the shopping each week so as to spread the cost. I think there is actually more I need to get for myself though rather than for the baby.

Stuart and I have been talking a fair bit about breastfeeding. Since I was a young teenager, I had decided I wasn't going to breastfeed and I would bottle feed instead. I have many reasons why and I will admit the majority of them are selfish or you can give a good argument against my excuse:
  1. Very squeamish about the thought of baby sucking milk from my breast - I have also heard that it hurts.
  2. I have flat/inverted nipples which makes it more difficult (though not impossible).
  3. I don't want to lose my breasts completely, which is what happened to my sister (34B before pregnant, 32AA after).
  4. I want Stuart to be involved with feeding right from start to encourage bonding between father and child (I know I can express a little but baby will get majority of milk from me).
  5. Due to above, I would be doing all the night feeds instead of having the support of Stuart.
  6. Not comfortable having to breastfeed in public.

Now, I know there are also many reasons for but these reasons above are really important for me and have outweighed the reasons for breastfeeding.

However, understandably, Stuart would be keen for me to at least try, even for only a couple of days so the baby gets the antibodies. I have said that, despite the reasons above, I will keep an open mind for immediately after birth in case I am happy to try it.

Having discussed this on the forum I am a member of, I think I will give it a try. As many say, at least I will know I have tried even if I decide to give it up. A couple of my friends who have had their doubts about breastfeeding have at least tried it before dismissing it.

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