Sunday 28 April 2013

BLW: Guest Posts


You all know how enthusiastic & passionate I am about Baby-Led Weaning but am I alone in this? Is it just a new parenting buzz word! Will there be a new weaning fad along next week?

Well firstly, its not new really. Many parents were doing BLW with their kids years before I came along (especially any children that came after the first) but no one had particularly coined a name for it back then. Even when I weaned Callum following BLW it was 4 years ago. Its just so great that so many more parents are seeing the results and are enjoying the same approach today.

Secondly, I wanted an opportunity to share with you some of these other parent’s experiences.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be publishing a number of guest posts from some very lovely Mummies (would be lovely to have a Daddy in there too if anyone wants to join in, it’s not too late) who have kindly blogged their own experience of Baby-Led Weaning. There are some just starting off, some who have older children now so can look back at their experience and there are some who can compare between different styles of weaning having tried both purées and BLW. The aim is to publish one or two a week until the end of May.

I’m very excited to be sharing these with you and would like to thank all the contributors for taking the time and effort of writing your guest posts for me.

So, starting this week, probably around Tuesday, look out for the first guest post from Karen at Woman, Wife and Mum and then the others will follow thereafter.

As always, please feel free to comment and/or ask any questions of me or the posters who are taking part.

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