Saturday 4 February 2012

Its Official – There is a Baby in There! 12 + 2

We had our 12 week scan yesterday and can confirm there is a baby in there – and just the one at that despite my size – and we saw 2 arms, 2 legs and a little heart beat!

Stuart took the day off work so after I had dropped Callum off at nursery, Stuart and I headed to Bournemouth Hospital for our 10.15am appointment.

We actually got there at 10am but in true NHS hospital style, we didn’t get seen until about 10.45am I think it must’ve been.`

Unlike my last 12 week scan with Callum, I was supposed to go with a full bladder. I hopped up on the bed and got lubed up on my belly and on she went with the probey thing. Quite quickly a murky picture of a baby appeared.

She showed us various body parts and the beating heart but she was struggling to get clear shots for my file and the photos so I tried emptying my bladder but when that still wasn’t helping much, she suggested a vaginal probe for clearer shots Surprised smile. Then she said it was like a tampon – SHE LIED!!!! In fairness it wasn’t ‘that’ uncomfortable except when wiggling it about to try to get baby to move from its back to its side (did she not remember just where that probe was????) which it wasn’t interested in doing in the slightest, and also when she manoeuvred it to take photos of my ovaries (who wouldn’t want photos of a fuzzy black blob of an ovary? – one for the family photo album Madam?). Anyway, she took a couple of shots but baby wasn’t interested in moving again and then fell asleep so we gave up getting an better shots or measurements!

She did point out the stomach and explained that at least one kidney must be working – how incredible is that? Little Dot is 5 cm long and already has a working kidney? The human body really is an amazing thing!

After that we had to wait around again for about another 15-20 minutes for blood test. After that we booked in the 20 week scan for Thursday, 29 March then headed off for a spot of lunch in Christchurch.

Later that afternoon we signed the contract for our new house too so an exciting day for multiple reasons!

So now we are public and I can get back to the thoughts of “what the hell have we done?” for the next 6.5 months!

And I must buy some new maternity clothes – there’s no way I’m squeezing into my normal clothes any more and all my current maternity clothes are for summer – vesty tops, white skirts and white trousers! Bring on the shopping!.

Here are the scan photos – they are photos of the scans as we don’t have a scanner so not as clear  as they may otherwise be,


Looking directly at us (the alien shot)



Sideways profile


Footprint and arms




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