Tuesday 21 February 2012

14 Weeks, 4 Days

Starting to feel very pregnant now. Definitely a pregnant bump there! I measured my bump last week and I had grown 3 cms in about 3 days.

And it appears I’m putting on the ‘weight’ everywhere, especially going by my Mum’s comments last night - apparently my bum is rather huge…thank you Mum.

I’m telling myself its what happens when you are pregnant with a girl, there is meant to be more of a spread than a bump but I suspect it has more to do with the chocolate bars and the luxury hot chocolates (with whipped cream, marshmallows and sometimes even a flake) I’ve been consuming! Again, the bump is quite different to Callum’s all out front bump but it is hard to compare because I started bigger than I started with Callum, by about 11 lbs so I’m bound to look different to then.

I’m trying to counteract at least some of the chocolate by doing some form of exercise. I go  swimming once a week, when Callum is having his swimming lesson. I managed a whole 20 lengths this week and if I don’t tell you otherwise, you may think that is of an olympic sized poor so I wont tell you otherwise…! I am also trying to do a long walk once or twice a week. This week I managed a 30 minute walk which I was disappointed to find out was only a mile and a half but made up for it today with walking over 7 miles!!! Surprised smileThink I might have overdone it today though! It was such a lovely day and, as my parents had Callum for the night before, we wanted to take advantage of our childfree morning so, after a yummy breakfast overlooking the sea at Southbourne, we walked to Hengistbury head and back. Needless to say, I have a few aches & pains now…but so does Stuart!


I’ve also been thinking I’ve felt a couple of nudges in my bladder. I’m not sure that this is possible as most people don’t feel anything until 18 weeks and I’ve felt ‘phantom’ movements ever since I had Callum. I felt ‘flutters’ at about 16 weeks I think with Callum so I know that was early but really don’t think it is possible at 14 weeks, especially considering the baby is only about 8 cm’s long! But twice, when my bladder has been full, I’ve felt an uncomfortable nudge and it is a feeling I recognise from when I was pregnant before – and not one I’ve felt as a phantom nudge. Who knows!? I’ll let you know if it happens again.

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