Friday 5 August 2011

Becoming Beach Bums

So here we are! In sunny Bournemouth - and thankfully, it has been more sunny/hot than not since we have been here so definitely moved at the right time.

So far, Callum is loving it! Can't understand why....?

The move:

About a week before we are due to move the news announcement is made that the A3 (Hindhead) Tunnel is due to open on none other than the day we are scheduled to move - THEY ARE OPENING THE TUNNEL FOR US! It may surprise you to hear that I was more excited by the opening of the tunnel than I was the move (to be fair, as excited as Stuart was about the move, I think the tunnel opening was a very close second for him).

Well, the day of the move, we took Callum to nursery as normal. My parents turned up shortly after and we frantically packed and loaded stressing about whether we would get there in one or two loads and if it was going to be two whether we would get the first load on in time.

Then we found ourselves sitting around drinking tea with our home packed in the back of a lorry waiting for the tunnel to open at...erm...midday! We eventually left to pick up Callum around 1pm. Problem being...No Lotté!!! She had been sitting in the back garden on a garden chair for the whole morning like nothing was up. She had a cheeky sniff of the lorry at one point but other than that, no worry. Then typically, when we come to leave, she is no where to be seen. We call her with our voices, my mum's very high pitch (only dogs...and cats...can hear it), just for my cat voice, with treats being shaken. We even cooked her fish fingers!!! And still she doesn't come! So, with a heavy heart, and pleads to our friends/neighbours to look for her later, we leave our old house without her. Stuart and I picked up Callum then headed back to the house to check one last time Lotté wasn't about. I explained to Callum again that we were saying goodbye to this house and immediately, without hesitation, he started saying and waving goodbye to the house. Thinking about the long journey ahead, I thought it best to try to take Callum to the toilet. So we went in showing that all the rooms were empty but as we got to his room, he didn't want to go in. Not sure if he thought I wanted to take him to bed or we were going to leave him in there but when I opened the door and he saw the furniture was gone, he was happy to say goodbye.

The tunnel was GREAT! I'll shall say no more!

We arrive at our new house in Bournemouth and start unloading, and squeezing, and unloading, and we managed to get a 3 bedroom house into a 2 bedroom one I still don't know but lets just say, while I'm writing this, there is behind me, still, about 1/3rd of the room that is in boxes!

It was obvious, we were lacking in storage furniture! (I'll get to that next post)

So, Callum is very excited with his room, with being near the beach, being in Bournemouth. In fact, he has been hyperactive since being here. Its amazing, actually, how well he has settled and adapted to Bournemouth life (who wouldn't when they get taken to the beach 6 days out of 7).

Oh, and for those who are worried, Lotte turned up later that evening when my friend/neighbour went to look for her, sitting back where she was all that day, on the garden chair like nothing had happened. Stuart went to collect her the next day and she seems to be settling in too. Early days still as we aren't letting her out (except the 2 sneaky escapes she has made) but she seems to be taking it in her stride.

Seeing how long this post is and how well the rosé I'm drinking right now is going down, I'm going to write this in two parts.

Part 2 to continue shortly! With how I'm adapting to being a Stay At Home Mum ("SAHM"), how we are managing to squeeze into our new home, Stuart's highs and lows, more of my rambles, moans, etc.

Keep watching....

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