Saturday 27 August 2011

10 Things I Love About My Son

After the last couple of miserable posts thought it was time for a more positive one: 10 Things I Love About My Son

10 - that he calls fish 'pish' *snigger*
9 - that he likes to cross at the green man and makes me do it in imaginative play
8 - how he talks to Lotté - in a special "you are smaller than me" cute voice
7 - the way he pretends to read
6 - how much he loves the sea and will strip down naked to go running into it (and then run away again when too cold)
5 - that I can 'sometimes' still control him by saying his name - i.e. he is doing something wrong and I say in a stern voice "Callum" and he stops :o)
4 - he loves cleaning and tidying (enjoying it while it lasts)
3 - that he loves to 'dink' (sing) and does it (badly) all the time - and even more, that it is his own little song rather than anything I recognise
2 - he spontaneously gives me kisses and cuddles (particularly when it matters in front of Health Visitors)
1 - he is polite and is good at saying his 'please' and 'thank you's (I've told him, he can grow up to be a rotten child as long as he continues to say his please and thank yous)

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