Thursday 14 July 2011

On to pastures new

Not sure I have updated the blog with news of our move.

We are off to Bournemouth on 27 July. We have accepted an offer on our house and we have found a rental house to move to.

I've tried to explain our move to Callum but he doesn't understand. Conversation on way home from nursery went like this:

Me: We are moving house soon. Goodbye this house and hello to a new house
Callum: Yes
Me: Do you understand?
Callum: Yes (hmmm....really?)
Me: We are going to live near Nanna & Grandpa
Callum: (in excited voice) Nanna & Grandpa?
Me: Yes

So, we get home...Callum runs in the house and says "Nanna & Grandpa?" while looking for them.....he doesn't get it.

I am going look at two nurseries tomorrow so I am hoping that might help a little, though not holding my breath.

One nursery sounds amazing (I'm nervous it sounds too good to be true). Typically, they only have limited space available from September. Its within walking distance and in between our house and Stuart's work so he'll be able to do some drop offs and pick ups.

The other nursery still sounds good and only a little further out so probably still walkable. They have availability for whatever we want immediately.

Ultimately, I'll also be watching the staff's reaction to Callum and Callum's reaction to the nursery.

Hoping the whole trip goes ok as he is not liking his mummy right now. I am not in is currently Stuart's turn. This in itself is fine...its when he didn't want me today when picking him up from nursery and asked for Gemma, one of his nursery carers. Maybe the time we will get together when we move will do us good. I'm worried he'll drive me mad so will be sure to plan as much stuff for us to do as possible....hopefully, the sun will shine loads and we can spend plenty of time on the beach and such like....while I look for a job as well of course.

On the potty training front...cracked it completely on the wee front...poo front DEFINITELY needs more work. More in pants than in potty at the moment :-(

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