Saturday 6 August 2011

BBB Part 2

So, Part 2!

Stuart had the first 3 days off work to move in (so 5 days with the weekend on the end). We were making slow progress because of two things, keeping Callum preoccupied at the same time as unpacking was 'challenging' and it was clear that we didn't have enough furniture for all our belongings.

We moved on the Wednesday when I focused on getting Callum's room ready as soon as possible to help him feel settled. No way were we cooking on our first night so we headed to see just how close we were to the beach. Less than 10 mins walk to the clifftop! We found a lovely, cool and trendy hotel with a pool outside. It was just like being on holiday. The restaurant was gorgeous in black, silver and pink. The pool was open to the public during the day (as long as you are buying from the bar). Very exciting! Had to keep reminding ourselves that we weren't on holiday but this is where we live now. Still struggling to get this to sink in!

On the Thursday my Mum kindly popped over to distract Callum while we unpacked and Stuart left late morning/midday to collect Lotté. In that time, I got the kitchen unpacked and even managed to clean the kitchen floor. I was rather proud of the progress with the kitchen. I tried to move on to our bedroom. I managed half of our clothes and the shoes but came to a stop when I ran out of space. I went downstairs and looked at cardboard mountain in our lounge. With no where to put any of it, unpacking was stalled.

Friday, we went on a furniture hunt. There were a number of furniture shops in Boscombe which we worked our way through. We found a 2 seater sofa bed in Barnardos but no luck on:

  • Shelving unit for files and books
  • Dressing table
  • Chest of drawers
  • Wooden chest or similar for games, craft bits etc (low in the priority list)
  • Dining table and chairs (least of our priorities)
So, after scouring the shops of Boscombe all day, we eventually admitted defeat and accepted the inevitable. A trip to Ikea was in order. So, at about 4pm on Friday afternoon, we headed to Southampton. Meat balls!!!!

On rather a full belly of meat balls (for me) and fish and chips (for Stuart and Callum), we tackled Ikea and won! We came away with the top three items on our priority list and an extra of a laundry 'box'. Yay!

When I say 'came away with', delivery was arranged for the Monday.

That meant, Saturday we could get to explore our new town. The Beach was a must! And when at Bournemouth beach, lunch at Harry Ramsden's is compulsory! Well for our first lunch anyway. After lunch, we had a play on the beach and a paddle in the sea before heading through Square Gardens to the town. Finally taking a walk home the scenic route.

Rather than a day by day account, I will speed through the rest.

The next week Stuart was back at work. I spent my time back at the old house cleaning with mum on the Tuesday and Callum got to enjoy a day back at his old nursery, playing with his best friend who was ecstatic to see him.Was soooo cute to see.

Thursday, crazily, I had an interview. A very hard, grueling 2.5 hours of interview which included a presentation about how I would tackle an IT Project roll out, a 10 minute lesson on Google Maps, followed by a grilling from the panel of 3. I was shattered by the end of it.

Unfortunately, Thursday was also day 2 of Stuart coming down with Tonsillitis. After struggling through Wednesday at work, he had to take the Thursday off spending it all in bed (along with the Friday and some of today (Saturday)). My mum had come to look after Callum for me for the day so I could prep for the interview and then of course while I was there.

Having managed to get the chest of drawers put together Monday night, furniture building came to a halt because of Stuart feeling so rough so, once more, unpacking had stalled.

As for me, and being a SAHM, its had its challenges. It has been soooo frustrating trying to get stuff done, whether it be unpacking or just trying to get our bills and change of addresses sorted out, with Callum demanding my attention. As I said in my last blog, Callum has been quite hyperactive since being here. If he doesn't get outside to burn off some energy, he drives me crazy and gets quite naughty at times. So, as absolutely crazy as this may sound, I've had to go to the beach but really not wanted to. I hate having things hanging over me unfinished - I'm a completer-finisher. I just want everything important finished so we can get on with life. I can't do that while at the beach but can't do it at home with Callum demanding attention. Plus, I'm exhausted! I need to find work again so I can have a break! (An old cliché but a true one!)

In all honesty, I am sure I will settle into being a SAHM in time. Once the unpacking is done and the bills all set up and all our addresses changed, I'll feel happy and can concentrate on Callum. I am hoping to get Callum into nursery for at 1.5 days from mid-September so I'll be able to save the house cleaning to those days, allowing me to enjoy the time with Callum for the rest of the week.

I am already making plans with friends that are also SAHM's or work part time etc.

Our friends are all biting at the bit when they can come visit too. So can honestly see us being fully booked up from now until Christmas. I wont have time to work! My only concern is for my sanity. I REALLY enjoyed finding a bit of me again when I went back to work. A life away from children with grown up conversations again - OK, fair enough, who am I kidding. I never had grown up conversations, that was a lie. But even that, having childish conversations with other adults that didn't involve children, meant the world to me. Does that make sense?

I have a plan to join a drama group or similar once we are more settled so hopefully that will help break the monotony of parenthood. And then I can stop being an 'angry mum' and start being a balanced individual...I can dream. Miracles do happen once in a while!

In the meantime, I shall drink wine to blank out the days I spend cleaning up poo - both Callum's and the cats!

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