Saturday 2 January 2010

16 Months, 4 Days


Well, the diet starts today and I was very disappointed when I weighed myself this morning and checked back on where I was last year. I weigh the same today as I did on 3 February last year :o(

Must try harder this year!

So, 10lb to go to pre-preg weight, 1 stone to goal weight. The plan is to lose the 10lb by 5 March (Weigh day is Fridays and 5 March is the first Friday in March).

Now, enough moaning - that's no way to start the new year! On with a Callum update.

Well, still no full on walking but lots of practicing with the maximum steps taken being about 6. Still, I don't think it will be long. He is standing unaided lots more now too. He loved showing off his new walking trick to everyone over Christmas to New Year. He also learnt to stand up from being on the floor (i.e. from crawling) unaided. I couldn't believe it the first time I saw it at mums and then Stuart saw it a bit later that day. He hasn't done it much since. I think there is too much around to help him and so he doesn't think to try, just uses the support because it is there.

Callum has given us lots of lay-ins until 8.30ish over the Christmas period but, unfortunately, I think it is having a knock-on affect to bedtimes as there has been a couple of times this past week that he hasn't gone to sleep until over an hour later. It wasn't until about 9pm last night. Normally, during the week, we wake him up at 7am to stop this and then he is ok if he sleeps in a couple of days at the weekend without it affecting his bedtime but I think a week of it is starting to make a difference. Oh well, only two more sleeps until Stuart is back to work and it is back up at 7am again. Going to miss Stuart when he goes back to work :o( It has been lovely having Stuart home for the whole time too so we have been able to spend loads of time as a family.

Callum got very spoilt over Christmas (as did we all). I wont list everything but among the stuff he got were, Happyland sets, playmat, train set with Thomas and carriages, clothes, an aeroplane toy that makes noises, not to mention a whole stocking full of bits from santa. He has been pretty good over the whole holiday period too.

Now we just need to try to store it all and still keep the place looking relatively tidy! Stuart bought some storage boxes and I am sad to say that I got excited by the fact we have more storage for Callum's toys. They are still a bit of an eye-sore in the lounge as plastic boxes don't look pretty but at least they are behind one of the sofas so you don't notice them too much when sitting down. I still need to go through all his toys and put some stuff in the loft. I might move some of his toys to his room too. After all, he does have a toybox in his room!

Not really much more to report at the moment. Callum starts his first full day of nursery next Thursday so I'll probably have more to update after then.

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