Friday 29 January 2010

16 Months, 3 Weeks, 3 Days

Good news - last Friday, I finally got to my pre-pregnancy weight. I think, the last time I weighed myself before getting pregnant, I was 9st 12.8lb - last week I weighed 9st 12.6 lb and this week, exactly 9st 12lb. Only 4lb to go now until my 'ideal' weight. Can't believe it took me nearly 18 months but I got there eventually. Finally starting to feel a 'bit' better about myself. Completely lost my boobs again - gone back to the saggy bags that I had after I stopped breastfeeding. Seems you can't have it all! Now just need to get the exercise going again. Went for a 2.4 mile run yesterday and am going to military fitness tomorrow - wish me luck, eeek!

I've finally had clearance from Occupational Health at the new job and they are now asking for my references. Hopefully, they will come back to them quickly and then I can sort out a start date. I am hoping for Monday 8th February but the agency said that might be a bit too optimistic - we shall see. One thing I'm excited about is that the Occupational Health said they do exercise classes like circuit training and boxercise. It is the boxercise I'm really excited about. Fit Debbie, here I come! That is 'fit' as in healthy, by the way, not 'fit' as in "she's well fit" goodlooking!

Callum had his 3rd day at nursery yesterday. He really cried and screamed when I dropped him off. I tried to settle him with a toy but was just really clingy. I tried to let him know that I'd be back later and tried to keep it all cheery cheery but just had to leave him in bits.

Thankfully, he was fine when I went to pick him up. He didn't notice me and was just playing with a walker/trolley. I wouldn't say that he looks like he is happy and having fun but he did look comfortable and confident which is important for me. I would have found it hard if he was hiding away in the corner somewhere looking miserable.

I know he'll get used to it when he goes full time and it will become routine and the norm. Silly me is then worried he'll love going to nursery so much he'll prefer it to spending time with us at weekends! *mental slap around the head* - I know I'm just being silly and it'll be fine. Its hard not to let these thoughts slip in though.

Callum has started trying to stand on his own again without holding on to anything. He often stands then falls over immediately but he is trying regularly. He is also getting more confident about trying to walk - though he is still not walking. He can turn around on the spot on his own, although he is a bit wobbly. He does like to drag these things out! He walks on his knees quite a bit and gets around like that or through crawling.

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