Tuesday 22 December 2009

15 Months, 3 Weeks

So another quick update from me - too exciting to leave it until I forget.

Callum took his first unaided steps on Sunday!!!!!!!

Grandma and Grandpa Jones were here and were sitting on one sofa, Stuart sitting on the other and they were encouraging him to walk from Sheila & Steve to Stuart and he did 2 steps all on his own! Such a clever boy. We all saw it too. I'm so pleased Stuart got to see it too - he got to see a first :o).

He hasn't done any more since but I'm not pushing it too much.

Also, he said 'banana'. The first day he said it was when we were walking up the stairs and he just copied what I had said so didn't think too much of it but then later we went downstairs and he pointed up to the fruit bowl where there were some bananas and a tupperware box of breadsticks and crisps. I thought he was after the crisps but when I picked him up and asked him what he wanted he pointed to the banana and said really clearly "banana". I'm so proud. Annoyingly, he hasn't said it as clear as that since and yesterday it was a "datdat"!

Callum is currently at his first settling in session for nursery. He was meant to go there to sleep but typically he fell asleep in the car on the way there so probably just playing with the nursery staff. He'll be there for about 3 hours in total then he will have another session on Thursday morning.

He was also invited to the nursery Christmas party yesterday. He loved it. Played with all the balloons chasing them around; making me hold his hands while he walked around the hall and kicked the balloons; he had some party food - surprisingly (or not) mainly fruits and crisps although there were lots of other stuff there; took part in pass the parcel and got a lollypop! I wouldn't normally let him have the lollypop but he could see all the other children (who were older) sucking their's and knew it came from the parcel and then when he got it he was so excited about having one so I let him have it. It didn't last long as he dropped it on the floor and it broke. But then he kept trying to crawl after the parcel as it was going around again to get another one - he he.

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