Wednesday 13 January 2010

16 Months, 1 Week, 2 Days

Well, last week's weigh in day showed a 5lb loss, which got me nearly back to my pre-New Year binge! Been really good on diet so hoping that I am continuing to lose at a steady rate. Its been really tough with feeding Callum his usual diet. Especially as he hasn't been well so has often left a lot of his dinner. He very often has a cheese related dinner. I never realised how tough it would be to give up cheese for a month. Sometimes it is torture! I was trying to use up a cheese board we bought for Christmas and didn't eat so made Callum a pasta dish with blue cheese sauce. Firstly, I have to test whether it is cool enough to eat by touching it against my lips, then he left about half of it (there was too much there to start with). It took all my strength to just throw it in the bin. But, I did it and am proud of myself!

So, as I just said, Callum has been poorly. Last week he had a high temperature and was pretty miserable. Then he wouldn't sleep on Saturday night. Stuart and I were up with him for most of the night. We brought him in to our bed in the end but every time one of us moved he would wake up screaming. Stuart got up with him early in the morning in the end so I got a few hours sleep. I so appreciated him doing that. So then a tired Stuart had to entertain a grumpy, tired and ill Callum - I didn't envy him.

His cold eventually broke out on Sunday and then on Monday, he was much happier. Although stuffy with a croaky voice he has been lovely the last few days. Its like he appreciates what it is like to be well and is extra happy because of it. His croaky voice is quite cute!

We have had lots of snow over the last couple of weeks. Last Tuesday/Wednesday we had 6-9 inches. That hadn't thawed completely before we had another couple of inches last night. We have spent a lot of time indoors but have managed to get out occasionally. I walked into town last Friday, I think it was. I had to get some emergency supplies - i.e. bread & milk - so I walked down to Sainsbury's (which must be about 2-2.5 miles walk) with Callum on my back. It was still too scary to drive so thought the walk would be good to get us out of the house too. It was beautiful and I took lots of photos. Will try and upload a couple at the end of this blog. Going there wasn't too bad but by the time I had got to Sainsbury's and walked around shopping, my back was really hurting. I stopped for a hot chocolate before making the journey home....up hill! Was shattered by the time I got home, but still pleased I had done it. The walk was twice as
hard on way home because I had put the milk in the backpack which made it heavier!

As long as Callum is wrapped up warm and it is made fun, Callum is happy in the snow - especially if he is practising his walking! He wont let me go inside the house if we have been out until I take him for a walk up and down the road!

We made a snow bunny in the garden today :o) - First time I've made anything other than a snowman in the snow.

Again, he was happy to walk in it but when I left him propped up against a tree, he wasn't so keen. But then I plonked him on the snow so he was sitting in it and he realised it wasn't so bad!

So, Callum still isn't walking on his own. He does like to stand on his own without holding on and then gets all pleased with himself and then did decide to try to walk to me the other day but forgot about the big toy car garage in the way. I moved the obstacles out of the way and then he did a really good 5 steps, paused to regain his balance and then did the final step. He is taking his time but I guess he is a perfectionist like his mum and dad!

Callum still hasn't had his first day of nursery because of the snow. He is due to go tomorrow but since we have had more snow, not sure whether that will happen. I hope so. Not sure if we still have to pay for it if they close the nursery again. They sent me a text message on the Wednesday last week saying it had closed but I haven't heard anything today. We shall see. I'll update again after if he does go.

No more news on the job front at the moment. I was meant to go in for an occupational health interview last Thursday but that too was cancelled due to snow. Now I am waiting for a new interview date and time to come through the post.

Speak soon. Some more photos of the snow:

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