Tuesday 29 April 2008

18 weeks, 5 days

Oh dear! I had a big hormonal teary moment last night.

Before I got pregnant, I've pretty much always been a size 12 (varying between the borders of 10-12 and 12-14). I went shopping yesterday with my mum and sister for maternity clothes for my holiday and tried on a pair of shorts and a skirt in size M which I would assume was about right for me. I couldn't get the shorts over my thighs and I did manage to get the skirt on but it was a bit on the tight size. I bought the skirt - refusing to go up to size L.

My sister gave me a skirt and a pair of shorts from when she was pregnant which are both size 12. I tried them on when I got home and had exactly the same problem. I couldn't get the shorts on at all and the skirt is a wrap round which I can get on but is tight.

When Stuart came up, he asked if I was OK, and I just broke down saying I was getting fat and I couldn't get into size 12 clothes anymore.

Stuart was really good, comforting me and saying it wasn't because I was putting on 'weight' as such but was just where my hips/pelvis were separating to make room for the baby.

I'm still convinced that I should be able to fit into size 12 maternity clothes and that the reason I can't is because my thighs and bum are getting bigger, but it was really nice of him to comfort me and tell me how lovely he thought I looked.

To make matters worse, a strap on a beach dress I bought broke. Now I know this was a fault with the dress, but it didn't help to make me feel any better about myself.

Off to Guildford now to change the dress and maybe change the skirt I bought to a size L (after I've tried it on).

Stuart wants me to get one of those professional naked photos done when I've got a big bump (for tasteful reasons I hasten to add). I just hate looking at myself naked at the moment that I imagine I would hate looking at it.

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