Friday 25 April 2008

18 weeks, 1 day

Stomach size: 97cm

I am certain now that what I was feeling was movement and I am feeling Flump move daily. It likes it's food! Tends to wiggle just after breakfast and just after dinner. Am actually surprised at how often it moves. I thought I would only feel it in the beginning at bed time but it is at various times throughout the day but mainly the times I've said above.

I had a bath the other day and could really feel it quite strongly then. Most of the time I can feel it inside but there is no evidence of it on the outside - i.e. if you were to put your hand on my belly you wouldn't feel it. However, when in the bath, I could feel it on the outside too.

I still think it is very weird to think that there is something living inside me that is going to be (is) a little human. If I think about it too much it freaks me out and makes me feel like Sigourney Weaver in Alien!!!!

Went to the midwife yesterday to follow up about my blood pressure. It was a different midwife, who was really nice. She really explained everything and it was clear she knew her stuff. My BP was still high and she said that, as my BP was normally high (outside of pregnancy), they wouldn't worry about it but would have to keep an eye on me throughout the pregnancy. I will probably have to have my BP checked every 2-3 weeks and am likely to need medication later on in pregnancy to make sure I don't develop pre-eclampsia. They will also probably do tests on my kidneys and liver too, later on, to check that everything is still working properly - they can stop working properly if I do get pre-eclampsia. Obviously, they will also monitor the baby and make sure he/she is getting the blood supply he/she needs. No real concern now though and all the above is just a precaution. My BP may even go down as it does for some people.

Stuart came with me this time so got to hear the heart beat too. He thinks it is into Techno as the heart beat along with the noise of the placenta made a kinda techno beat.

Headaches have gone, thankfully. Haven't had one for about a week. Didn't end up going for a massage or anything. They went of their own accord.

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