Monday 18 March 2013

Nappy Rash

When Callum was a baby, he suffered really badly with acute nappy rash. Red raw so that it was virtually bleeding. So painful for him.

Sudacrem was pointless!

I was assured by friends that Metanium was the answer & that I would see an instant reduction in the redness but it didn’t work for Callum & was excruciating for him when trying to rub it on as it was so thick.

I also tried Bepanthen and was prescribed Canesten by the Health Visitor (though I was sure it wasn’t thrush) but neither made a difference.

Eventually, the doctor prescribed Drapolene which is what made the difference for Callum. The Dr said, they were all very similar but there would just be one different ingredient which would be the ingredient that worked so it was just a matter of working through them all. Thankfully, this was it. I have also been told that it works amazingly for piles in adults!

My other top tip for nappy rash – if you breastfed or attempted to breastfeed, you may have some Lansinoh left at the bottom of a draw somewhere. Don’t get rid (especially as you have to sell a kidney to get a small tube!), it is amazing on sore bottoms! Just use it on the last nappy at bedtime. Rubbing it between your fingers so it is easier to spread (it too can be quite thick and sore to spread otherwise) then gently place it on. It acts as an excellent barrier against wees and acidic poos and I really did notice a huge difference by the next morning! I’ve also used it on my very dry & cracked hands too (actually, I’d forgotten that and mine are getting sore again!).

Oh, and a tip from my sister – go back to cotton wool and water! Her daughter used to ask for cotton wool and water when her bottom was sore and would say no to wipes. Was good advice for us too.

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