Thursday 7 February 2013

MeMe– Ten Is

MeMe time. I’ve been tagged by Tom at The Diary of a Dad. Thanks Tom! As I like you and your blog and I’m in a ‘merry’ mood I’ll partake.

So, from what I gather this MeMe really is about ‘me, me, me, me, me’. I have to answer the ten Is, as the title suggests. That is I to the power of 10, not ‘ten is’. Easy enough so here I go…

Key: (I’ve made this bit up, my tagees don’t have to do this, you can just answer seriously if you wish)

Black: The I statements to be answered
Purple: The serious(ish) answer
Blue: The silly(ish) answer

I can…. do remarkably well in the cereal box game for someone that has rubbish flexibility…and drink a lot of red wine (the 2 go remarkably well together)

I can’t…. sing….or stand up after drinking too much wine

I want…. *puts on fake smile* world peace…and wine

I would like…. to act…and drink wine with my friends

I don’t want…. anyone to ever touch my bellybutton…or to ever run out of wine

I wish I could…. sing…and own my own vineyard

I hope…. my children grow up to be kind and considerate of others…and to never discover wine

I love…. my family with all my being…and wine

I am…. a healer…and a wino (did you guess?)

(Note: I may have been drinking wine during the writing of this MeMe)

Hmmm, now who shall I tag? How about:

Aimee at Pass the Gin  (because she likes wine…and gin of course)
Sarah at Musings about my adventures through motherhood (because that’s the longest blog name I’ve come across – and because she is a new twitter friend so I’d like to know more about her)
Angeline at Daft Mamma (because I don’t believe she’s as Daft as she proclaims to be!)

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  1. Thanks for tagging :-) I was slightly less tipsy when writing mine :-)



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