Friday 3 August 2012

Preparing the nest! 38 weeks, 2 days

Ahhhh, finally got here. Yesterday my maternity leave truly began. It was the first day with no Callum (nursery) and no work when I could finally give into those nesting urges!

Not sure how much I believe in nesting or that this is in fact nesting as I don't feel any more energised to get jobs done it is just trying to get anything done with a little person around is impossible. So, I've been waiting for this time (yesterday and today at least) to finally tackle things that have been irritating me as well as trying to squeeze in a bit of feet up time. I'll confess that the feet up time yesterday was enforced by my back screaming at me to stop but it feels so good to get the stuff done that I wanted to before baby arrives.

Yesterday was spent putting things back where they belong. This is what normally happens when Callum is with me.

  • I pick up a toy car in the kitchen and return it to Callum's room
  • I see some art bits in Callum's room that belong in the art box downstairs
  • As I walk out bedroom with art stuff, Callum picks up the car I've just returned to his room & follows me driving it down the stairs
  • I return the art stuff to the art box, clear Callum's art table of the magazines & crappy free toys (about 3 toy cameras - can they really not be any more imaginative?) that have been sat there untouched for 3 weeks, throwing them in the bin/recycling.
  • Cries from Callum: "they're mine!"
  • I agree he can choose 1 free camera to keep and choose the magazine that has the most activities still to do
  • I leave him looking at the magazine holding tightly onto the camera, car discarded in the dining room
  • I walk into lounge & tidy sofa cushions putting throw cushions back on the sofa
  • Callum walks into lounge, leaving magazine on thebart table in dining room, drops camera toy on lounge floor and starts throwing himself on the sofas flinging throw cushions around!
  • I walk into the kitchen & find he has retrieved the magazines & toy cameras from the bin & left them on the breakfast bar!
This continues throughout my attempt to tidy and how much have I actually achieved so far? It is a case of 2 steps forward 1 step back.


So it was amazing to be able to get so much done yesterday and is also surprising how quickly it builds up in little piles all over the house in different rooms. Unable to achieve anything usually, I choose instead to just gather the stuff together in little piles but it never really makes its way home! I even managed to sort the garage a little and move stuff to the loft out of the way (before you all panic that I've been up a ladder in my 'condition' our loft space is in the eaves of the third floor so just entails a little bit of crawling (good for baby's positioning!!). Also, the actual putting stuff in the loft had to be done today cos it was at that point yesterday that my back said "no more!".


Now today I did the loft bits & cleaned the oven but now I'm chilling with a cup of tea & enjoying the Olympics. What a great time to be on maternity leave. No need to endure the 'joys' of daytime tv which is enough to motivate anyone into doing chores, instead I want to sit & watch the Olympics.


I have a midwife appointment later and may pop into town briefly but then that's it!


Once these 2 days are over with I can say I'm ready! Any more days I get to rest are a bonus but I just wanted to have at least 2 days to myself.


I've actually had a rotten cold too & been feeling sorry for myself and a little worried that I may end up going into labour unable to breathe! Although was reassured reading old wives tails and anecdotal stories of how your body won't let you go into labour until the day you feel better. I've missed the full moon (last night) and judging how I feel today, I reckon I'll be over the cold tomorrow.


So watch this space!

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