Monday 23 July 2012

I'm still here!!! 36 weeks, 5 days

So this is the most pregnant I've ever been! 36+3 came and went with waters remaining intact! We had visitors (again, like last time) so I'm glad history didn't repeat itself. To top it all off, the summer has finally arrived too!

I'm getting bored of saying my back hurts, now, it is pretty much from the moment I get up until the moment I go to bed but I've learnt to live with it. However, that aside, I'm feeling pretty good. I'm lucky that I don't suffer too much with the heat as long as I don't do too much and I keep my pace at snail miles an hour. It's all about keeping cool really and drinking lots of fluid.

I'm trying really hard to take things easier even when it goes against every grain in my body. For example, I was a good girl today and refrained from mowing the lawn, instead I enlisted the help of my nephew, helping him out with a spot of pocket money too.

I'm on better track for being more prepared for baby arriving now as well. I bit the bullet and bought a few outstanding bits today. For the pushchair, the zip on the cosy toe has broken & I can't find the 5 point harness. I rang Maclaren & the harness will be £45 and the cosy toe £35. Yeah, that's not going to happen. I instead bought a generic cosy toe from Mothercare in the sale for £14.50 and must have another thorough look for the harness. I bought a bouncy chair from Mothercare too. Just their cheapest one as i remember my NCT friends rated its super bounce and I'm really not fussed by all the added vibrate features etc. the bounce is what's important for me. I purchased Mothercare's version of the Buggy Board, the Hop N. Before my Mothercare trip, I ventured in to boots to get newborn bottle teats and the milk starter pack that you can get...just in case breast feeding goes to pot from the off. It just takes the pressure off a bit. They are great packs, 6 little sterile bottles of ready made milk.

While on the subject of Boots, they have these mini super-cute trolleys which I assume are solely for kiddiewinks so Callum was thrilled to be able to help me put things into the trolly & pushing it around for me, then scanning it through the check outs. So sweet!

Think that leaves me with the sling, which a friend is selling me second hand, and a playmat. Whoop! Oh and the change mat. I've struggled with that one as I wanted one with butterflies on to match the nursery theme but amazingly have been unable to find one. However, a colleague at work came up with the excellent idea of getting a plain one and decorating it with stickers. So now I'm looking for a completely plain pink or white one and some suitable butterfly stickers.

The nursery should be being finished on weekend of 4 August when my dad does the coving and I can put the wall bits up. Hopefully we can get the last of Callum's bedroom furniture built too either this or next weekend.

It's my last 2 days at work this week and my social plans are being kept to an absolute minimum so hoping I can start getting the final bits done and start relaxing!

So still not 'ready' for baby to arrive but getting there so bring on full term, bring on due date, I'm nearly ready for you but please, baby, stay in there a little longer as I so desperately want some feet up time too!

And if you haven't already done so, don't forget to make your predictions on my earlier post, here.

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