Thursday 24 May 2012

Three More Full Moons - 28 Weeks 1 Day

12 Weeks to go – aaarrrrggghhhh!!!!! Slow down…no speed up…no slow down…oh, I don’t know what I want. Magic wand maybe to wave and make me all organised and ready:

  • Callum’s room to be decorated
  • New bed bought for Callum
  • Finishing touches to nursery
  • The usual bits and bobs bought in preparation for the big day – you know the sort of stuffy, sexy yummy mummy granny knickers, maternity pads, breast pads, tummy tuck appointment booked…
  • Car seat cover washed
  • Pushchair cover washed
  • Old, unwanted baby clothes sold or shipped off somewhere

The list is longer but my mind is absent!

Then once I’m all prepared I could wave the wand again and our newborn would be here…!

I’m making small steps in getting things prepared but when trying not to spend too much money and with having little time (when I have the energy) to spend on getting things prepared, I don’t feel like I’m making big enough steps! But that’s me – I like to be ready and organised months in advanced. It was lucky I was like that when pregnant with Callum because, despite him arriving a month early, I already had hospital bags packed, nursery decorated and was pretty much ready to go. I’d like to be in the same place this time but suspect it might not be so easy this time!!

One thing I have done is booked myself on a tour of Salisbury Hospital Maternity Unit for 12 June. Just need to get someone to look after Callum when I go. I spoke to one of the midwives there and she was lovely and very helpful. I’m already warming to the hospital. I’m sure once I’ve been to see it and made my final decision over hospital I’ll feel a bit more relaxed.

Have had a couple of rather painful, what I assume to be, Braxton Hicks recently. Once when on the loo myself (sorry reader, you get all the pleasant details!) which actually stopped me from going because the pain was too great. The other was after wiping Callum’s bum (the glamorous life of a parent!) and from bending over. The pain this time lasted over 5 minutes and in both cases my bump was so hard! The pain goes right across the top of my bump and really catches my breath. Having done a bit of research and after speaking to others, this is quite normal, although most people don’t experience pain with BHs but if it happens again I will mention it to my MW at the next appointment or before.

I’m on swelling ankle/foot watch now! Especially as the weather has finally brightened/warmed up this week! Last time I remember looking down at my feet and not recognising them! Stuart couldn’t see what was different about them and I couldn’t put my finger on it, they just didn’t look like my feet! As soon as Callum was born…well perhaps not as soon but later the next day…I realised my feet had returned to normal and they had in fact been swollen. They had swelled properly and obviously a couple of odd times before then just for the night but usually went down again by the next morning. I can tell the swelling is coming this time because when I cross my ankles or rest my ankle on the edge of a chair or something, the indent made remains for ages after.

I’m still not liking looking at myself in the mirror – I just don’t think I make an attractive pregnant lady and definitely can’t see any “blooming” in the pregnant sense and radiance??? *cough…splutter*. Oh, and rather unpleasantly, for the first time in my life, I had sore thighs from them rubbing together yesterday after walking back from the park in the sun! Ouch! So now I see a big tummed, big bummed duck with super thighs, with a spotty, podgy face and frizzy hair!

So…yeah…only 12 weeks to go – onwards and outwards I suppose!

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