Tuesday 14 September 2010

Terrible Two

So much to write that I am going to break it up into 3 posts for you. First post - Terrible Two!

It was Callum's Birthday on 2 September. I had managed to arrange to go into work late and Stuart went in a little later too, so that we could enjoy opening presents with Callum. I'd arranged with nursery that I would take Callum in about 11-11.30am.

We got up, dressed and went downstairs - eventually. Callum was in one of those moods where he didn't want to do anything you wanted him to or he should do.

I gathered Callum's presents and cards together in the lounge and he got straight into opening them. In fact, Stuart had to stall him so I could hurry back from kitchen.

He had already had his main present from us and Grandparents, which was a bit big to fit in the house as it was a trampoline.

We...I mean he loves it (he he). Actually, he is a little too light to bounce on it on his own at the moment so we have to go on it with him...well, that's our story and we are sticking to it ;o)

Back to his other presents, he got lots of nice things - a farm, a truck, money, puzzles among other presents - but I think his favourite thing (at least for the morning) was his froggy umbrella.
He insisted on having it up in the house.

After presents were opened, Stuart went off to work as he had a meeting and Callum became difficult again. First he wanted to go with Daddy, so I thought I would take him out as there were bits I could do in town. He then refused to put shoes on. Then didn't want to put his umbrella down to get in the car. It was one thing after another. He just didn't want to do anything he should,

He wasn't as bad in town but wasn't easy either. I would have taken him to the park but I just couldn't wait to get him to nursery which was sad. I was a bit disappointed it hadn't been the lovely morning I had hoped. But I had taken a cake into nursery for him to share with his friends and I knew he would have a lovely time there and much better than spent with me anyway.

He had a grumpy face when I took him to nursery but apparently he did cheer up.

They told me that he was smiling and excited when they brought the Birthday hat out but was in shock when they put it on his head - he didn't move.

Again, it was disappointing not to be able to have the cake with him and see his face. Nursery said they have taken some photos which they would send me but I have not received them yet. I had a quick look at the photos on their camera though.

He was a little better in the evening - helped by him having his new toys to play with.

I'm hoping that his grumpy, difficult mood wont linger too far into his twos. Hooray for Terrible Twos!

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  1. I missed out the 3rd post in the end - it was his NCT Birthday Farm Party.


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