Wednesday 22 September 2010

Mummy's Little Helper

Callum is being a great little slave...I mean helper at the moment. I love it, and trying to enjoy it while it lasts.

He helps me cook (put vegetables into pots/saucepans once cut; stir; mix ingredients; chief taster), helps me take delivery of and unpack the shopping, stack and unstack the dishwasher, put things in the bin, sweep up. Its great. If I ask him to help mummy, he stops whatever moaning he is doing and eagerly steps up to the challenge. I'm going to make him read this post when he is 10 and wont do his chores to earn his pocket money....maybe I should be thinking about pocket money now....or maybe not, he doesn't know chores = pocket money yet .

Other things I love is his doing yoga to Waybuloo (Children's programme) and singing 'Chuggington' (another Children's programme).

Apart from the fact he is currently upstairs in bed whining 45 mins after he is meant to be asleep tonight, he has been really good at going to bed for a while now. Makes nights like tonight seem so strange.

We still have many episodes of him asserting his independence and freedom of choice!!!! Mainly around getting dressed in the morning. We have so many fights about swapping his pj top for a t-shirt.

We are also having a nightmare with him insisting to be carried. It drives us nuts. He is more than capable of walking and a fair distance too but he will take a couple of steps and then cry to be picked up. I'm really trying to be tough and make him walk by leaving him (when safe to do so) but I can't stand all the mum's looking at me as if to say "you cruel mum, he just wants a cuddle". A friend at work gave some advice to play games and keep him distracted all the time when walking. He said his child was like it for a while but playing games with him helped get him over it. Another friend recommended making sure he had something to hold like a toy or anything really as that helped both her children. I will try the above and report back soon.

We have just had a letter through regarding Callum's 2 year Health Visitor check. There was a checklist of milestones that he pretty much met all of so guess we are happy with his development. It would still be nice if they actually did a personal visit though. I feel like everyone else gets a personal visit and a higher standard of service but we keep missing out. I am trying to myself that it is probably because we are one of the lower risk families and they try to concentrate on the higher risk families and those that really need the support but I feel it would be so easy to hide from people any development shortfalls or deny anything was wrong or worrying.

Nursery were saying today that he seems quite advanced in his awareness - especially when he is observing or joining in with the older children. Always good for a mother to hear that as you do nothing but doubt their development etc.

Callum is saying lots of words now. Think I might have said in last post that I've lost count. His favourite saying is "all gone now" but says lots more and combines more than one word together. I loved it the other day when he came up to me and wanted what I had in my hand and wanted to give me what was in his hand and said "swap mummy" - he hadn't said it before and surprised me. It shouldn't have done as I am always saying it to him - usually telling him to swap something from one hand to the other so I can put his coat on or seat belt. Was so clearly said though. Must seem silly for me to get so excited over such a small thing but I love every new word he says. He is also 'usually' quite good with his manners. Apparently, much better than the older children at nursery. He says "yes please" and "thank you" all the time now - I am now trying to teach him to say "no thank you" when he doesn't want something rather than just scream or shout!!

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