Sunday 29 August 2010

2 minus 4 days

Still nearly 2.

We had a lovely day yesterday. We decided, as we are going on holiday 2 days after Callum is 2, and we are both working on his birthday (though will be going in to work late), to celebrate his Birthday just as a family on the weekend before. So, decided to go to Chessington. We were thinking of the Zoo but didn't want to go into London and the only other Zoo is further South which I didn't think would be a good journey to make on a Summer Bank Holiday!!! So, we thought Chessington might be a better bet as they have the Zoo and rides.

We had a lovely day. Apart from one 2 minute blip, the weather was pretty good all day. We saw some animals, including gorillas, lions, tigers, sealions and lots of fish and lizards. We also went on a few rides. We were prepared for it being busy because of it being a bank holiday but were still surprised that we had to wait for 30 mins or more for some of the children's rides. Still, we probably went on more than we normally do when it is just Stuart and I (and usually friends) going on the big rides. We went on some flying elephants (twice) which Callum, for some reason, called Moomas. We went on them twice as Callum could see them from another ride in the afternoon and was pointing to them saying Moomas pease. We also went on the cars that go round a track (2 diffrerent types), the merry go round and the skyrail. Callum was so good all day. It wasn't fun for him having to queue so long for rides and he just doesn't understand the concept of queueing but he was very well behaved. Especially as he didn't have a nap all day. Far too exciting to nap!

On Thursday, we will just go into work late so we can enjoy the morning with him opening his presents. Think I mentioned last post that we were going to, but we have bought a trampoline for his birthday with the help of grandparents. We did start putting it up today but then it chucked it down so will probably finish it tomorrow. After seeing how much fun Callum was having on some trampolines yesterday, I can't wait for him to see it.

Speaking of which, Callum can now jump properly...leave the ground and everything. And I mean from the ground, not whilst on a trampoline. Clever boy!

He is getting better at scribbling. Sounds a funny thing to say but can't quite call it drawing. I have just noticed he has better control over the pen/pencil and drawls circles now rather than just back and forth. He is learning new words all the time. So much so, I have lost track. He is really good at his colours and has started to get interested in counting (though can't actually count yet).

I am really looking forward to our holiday to Portugal next week. The first time abroad with Callum. It is the first time in years and years I've been really excited about a holiday. I know it wont be as relaxing as holidays used to be, what with having to watch Callum like a hawk near the pool and stuff. But I just can't wait. To see his face when we see the aeroplanes at the airport and to be in and out of the pool, to go to the beach. Not to mention for us all to see some sunshine. The holiday can't come quick enough.

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