Wednesday 13 October 2010

Thomas aholic

I guess nothing unusual for most mothers of boys around the world but Callum is definitely well and truly into his Thomas the Tank Engine. Helped largely by us I imagine but he always talks of Trains, Thomas (or Momous as he calls him), Choo choos etc. He loves his Thomas t-shirts and everytime we go past a railway he points it out and says Momous. He has gone to nursery today as Thomas as they had to go dressed as their favourite character for charity.

Callum talks and copies words a lot more now. He is trying to count but unfortunately can only really say 2 and maybe 3. So his counting just goes 2, 3 (too, tee), 2, 3, 2, 3...

Callum has been doing some really good jumping for a while and loves doing it all the time. Very cute. He used to say "mou" for bounce but has started saying jump instead.

He is also getting better at walking up and down the stairs. He has to hold on to something and usually a hand as well but will attempt it if no one is around. I'm fine if I am at the bottom of the stairs but it scares the life out of me if I am at the top looking down.

I have recently been showing Callum photos of him and the family and he really enjoys pointing people out and me naming them. He doesn't necessarily remember all their names yet but he does try to say them. He knows the obvious ones of course - Mummy, Daddy, Callum and Lotte but will say after prompting, Grandma, Nanna, Grandpa and any others that we point out. If you catch him in the right mood he will also say something on the phone too. You do need to catch him in the right mood though.

Bit disappointed again with Callum's next developmental check by the Health Visitor. Basically it was a letter asking if there was anything we were concerned with, compared against a list of milestones they should be reaching. If we were concerned with anything they would arrange a phone call or a visit. I was so cross that they weren't going to do a proper check that I put a couple of things on the form regardless. One was about how to encourage Callum to walk more when he is more than capable and the other, which is actually a genuine concern, was about his coughs that he always has. I was privileged enough to receive a phone call, which I missed so picked up the message. When I called back, the HV had no idea what it was about or why she had called until I had to spell it out for her. I told her I was worried about his adenoids and she concurred and recommended we get him checked out. I can't believe they aren't interested in seeing him for themselves. No height and weight check, no hearing check - everything is just taken on our say so. I am trying to tell myself that it is probably because they concentrate on those families that obviously need the help and we must be low risk as I know most other people (including in the same area) have received proper 2 year checks but it still annoys me that we don't seem to get the same 'service' as everyone else.

Anyway, I did take Callum to the Dr and she is hesitant to go down the adenoids route yet as that will inevitably mean surgery and wants us to wait a couple of months to see how he goes. So, still waiting. If I see blood in his cot again, I am taking him straight back! In fairness, he isn't too bad at the moment, he just has the occasional cough to clear the catarrh. I've renewed his inhaler again which may sort that out. Although the Dr did recommend trying for a bit without it. I guess we just need to wait and see now.

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