Thursday 23 April 2009

7 months, 3 weeks. 2 days

Weight: don't even ask. It is yoyoing all over the place at the moment. 

Had a few 'realisation' days recently about the life I've left behind. I guess it is because the sun is starting to shine again, the weather is getting warmer and days getting longer. One of the things I miss is when Stuart and I used to go down the pub to watch the footie in the evening. I remember us saying at the time that we were still going to do those nights and we would just get a babysitter. Ha ha, the things you say before you know!!!!

The other thing I realised is that I'm never going to be able to go for a drink after work again. Because I'll be working locally and Stuart is in London, I'll always have to pick Callum up from childcare. When I said this to Stuart he said that wouldn't necessarily be the case as he would sometimes work from home but this isn't something I can depend/rely on and these days will probably be so adhoc. It would be just my luck that the day Stuart works from home, no one will want to go down the pub. 

Hey ho- that's the life of a mummy I suppose :o(

That aside, Callum is still lovely :o)

Weaning is still slow but he seems to be trying more food now. He really liked pineapple and he had a good suck on a bit of smoked salmon, both of which surprised me. Cream cheese is a big hit. I tried peanut butter yesterday - was a bit scary, what with nut allergies, but he seemed fine and didn't dismiss it either. There was a moment when we went to bed that Callum seemed to be having trouble breathing but it was just because his nose was blocked. Scary going to sleep last night though.

He is slowly getting better at his rolling. He is fine as long as he gets his arm in the right place when he is on his front, otherwise he just looks like he is trying to do a sky dive! I do wonder, when he is struggling, whether he might learn how to crawl by accident when trying to roll as he pushes his knees into a crawling position with his bum in the air. His arms and face are still on the floor though so we are a long way off crawling!

With the recent spell of sunshine, I took Callum out in the garden for the first time the other day. He seemed to love being somewhere new and outside and kept pulling up the grass. We have been out there a couple of times now. He loves it at first but gets bored very quickly. I should probably gets some toys that are just for outside as I think he gets bored with his toys.

We are on chicken pox watch at the moment which isn't much fun. I'm trying to stay away from groups of babies just in case which can be a bit lonely! My friend's two little boys caught chicken Pox. Chicken Pox is contagious about 2 days prior to the first spots developing until the spots have all crusted over (usually about 5 days after first spots). I saw them on the Wednesday and they got their first spots on Friday night. Frustratingly, there is an incubation period of between 10 and 21 days. We are currently on day 15. I still went to Pushy Mothers but I didn't go to the restaurant after so Callum didn't mingle with the babies. He might not get it but I just don't know. I know some people are happy for their children to get Chicken Pox as early as possible and, if Callum did get it, I'd think at least it was out of the way but I just don't like the idea of once we have got out nights and everything sorted, that these would likely all be messed up again. However, I guess there is no right time for it. If it wasn't now, it might happen when we were due to go on holiday or something. At least, if it was now, it should be cleared up by his Naming Ceremony and we don't have anything else planned to mess up. Actually, we have a photoshoot the week before his Naming Ceremony but I guess it'd be fine by then too.

I'm missing not going to my NCT meets though. Should be going this afternoon.

I've started looking into Childminders now ready for when I go back to work. I've got an appointment this morning for one. The thought of going back to work is now becoming very real and scary. Wish I knew where or what I was going back to...or even when I was going back. Hard to arrange stuff when it is all so open. I really hope I can find a job that pays enough for childcare and a cleaner. If I can't, then I really can't afford to go back to work. If it paid towards our bills too then that would be an added bonus but for me, the childcare and cleaner are priority. I want to go back 3 days a week so I don't want it to be the case where the two days I'm not working, I'm stressing about cleaning rather than spending the time with Callum. If I did that, I might as well work full time!!! I also hope the job market has picked up a bit by the time I start looking, which will be in July. 

Anyone want a part-time IT Trainer/Training Consultant in the Surrey/Hampshire area? Pick me, pick me!!!

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