Thursday 6 March 2008

11 Weeks

Sorry, been meaning to write in this for ages but keep forgetting – maybe that is the first stage of ‘baby brain’ or may be I’m just as forgetful as ever!

In a way, lots has happened, in another, not a lot has happened.

The other weekend we went to a joint 30th Birthday party weekend in a barn in Hampshire. I had to lie to soooo many friends, it was awful. Everyone wanted to know why I wasn’t drinking and many were speculating whether I was pregnant and I had to blatantly lie to them stringing them on with a big story. I really hate having to lie to people but I have learnt from this. I wont ask anyone else I suspect of being pregnant. I will wait for them to tell me as it puts people in such a difficult position. It is so difficult to lie to people but if we went round telling everyone and then there was to be a problem at the scan or I was to lose it :o( I hope everyone will understand but it doesn’t make it easier.

In the end, two more people ended up finding out – Keith and Lisa. Keith had asked me earlier in the night and I had given him a big story about why I wasn’t drinking (which did pull on the truth, I’m sure it would have been true if I hadn’t have been pregnant if that makes sense?) but then later he came out and asked Stuart if I was pregnant. Because of the direct question, Stuart felt he had to tell him the truth. It was nice to have another couple of allies though (Lisa is pregnant too and having a much harder time than I am).

No one else found out at the party (though I am sure there are many who suspect) but, the following Friday I went to dinner with friends. It was the last get together before two of them went on maternity leave. I got the usual questions when I wasn’t drinking and thought “I can’t do this for another night, telling lots more lies” so decided to just tell them. With the theme of the conversation likely to revolve around pregnancies and babies, I was sure to slip up somewhere.

We are nearly there, though. 11 weeks. Still no scan date yet :o(

Definitely think I am starting to show a fair bit now though. Really struggling to fit in my jeans and feeling really uncomfortable. It was Mothers’ Day at the weekend and we were taking Mum and Dad out to dinner. As I didn’t have to hide my sprouting bump (or biscuit belly), I decided to wear a dress. It really looked like I was pregnant and my family couldn’t believe how big I looked and were questioning whether I could be further on than I thought. Either that, or I just take after my mother!

Anyway, that prompted me to go out looking for maternity clothes. I’m still a bit small for most the clothes but I managed to get a pair of work trousers (as I don’t fit in any of my old ones anymore) and a pair of trackie bottoms which look very chavvy but it is just so great to wear something comfortable.

I’ve also started swimming. Only been twice but it feels really good to be exercising again.

I’ve got my energy back a bit more now. I still get tired but not to the extreme I did before and I stopped feeling sick about two weeks ago which is helping loads.

I’m now just desperate for my scan date. If I’ve not heard by Monday, I’m giving someone a call!

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