Monday 21 January 2008

4 weeks, 4 days

We told our first people over the weekend. I know it is far too early to start telling people but it was more out of necessity. The first two friends, Dan and Lou, (who are a couple) we told because they knew we were trying. I was pretty sure that Lou would ask me during the week whether I was pregnant and I wouldn’t be able to lie, so we decided we would prefer to tell them both together. The third person, Clare, was coming to visit for a drunken weekend and needed to know why, all of a sudden, I wasn’t going to be drinking.

It was nice to be able to speak to people openly about it and to see their excitement for us. However, it made it difficult to stay grounded and not to get caught up in the excitement too early.

Lou is pregnant now with her second child. I spoke to her about wanting to exercise and go to classes while pregnant. She reckons I will run out of energy and will find it too difficult to keep up too much exercise within the next couple of weeks. I guess she knows, having the experience of being pregnant twice but I am hoping that the more exercise you do the more energy you will have – that being the usual theory. I guess we will see how that goes over the next couple of weeks.

I am feeling really rubbish today though. Nothing to do with being pregnant, I’m just fed up with a cold I have. My left nostril has been completely blocked for the past 3 days and I am very fed up with it!!!! It also means I’m not getting to do any exercise at all.

I still have no real symptoms. I did feel sick after dinner out on Saturday night. Nothing to do with the food and I think it was more because I was so tired that I felt sick. I still managed to keep going until 1-1.30am.

There was a report on the news this morning about the risks of drinking coffee (consuming caffeine) while pregnant. Apparently, drinking more than 2 large cups of coffee a day could double you chances of miscarriage. Thankfully, for the last few months I have already moved to decaf diet coke and decaf tea, where possible. What concerned me was the caffeine levels in chocolate. I was very pleased to discover that, unless I eat 12 dark chocolate bars a day (which is equivalent to one cup of coffee), that I needn’t worry.

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