Thursday 31 January 2013

Something Strange Is Happening

Something unusual has happened to me this week!

I’m tired, run down, fighting against some kind of bug (sore throat), because of this I’ve not had the energy to exercise this week and think my body just needs to chill out – but none of this is unusual. I’ve a 5 month old baby that has erratic sleep patterns through the night, giving me an amazing 6 hours or more solid sleep one night then getting me up 2-3 times and throwing stinky midnight nappies into the mix the next. Its no wonder I’m run down, my body doesn’t know whether its coming or going. If Millie had the same sleep pattern each night, my body would get used to it and I’d feel more ‘normal’ but its the complete and utter randomness each night that takes its toll.

So, with me feeling pretty shitty, how is it my brain is suddenly starting to function again? Out of the blue? I’m remembering stuff, I’m achieving stuff, even having the odd witty or wise moment! Not only my brain, my motivation to do stuff has been standing up to the knackeredness (yes spellcheck, its a word!) and I’ve baked homemade chicken nuggets AND homemade pizza for (and with) Callum this week for the first time, DOUBLE AND, I’ve even…EVEN….sewed a button on one of Millie’s tops!!! *FAINTS*

Watch out, I’ll be ironing next…or gardening (it has crossed my mind!!).

I don’t know what’s come over me! I haven’t had such a productive week since before I was pregnant with Callum.

Now, the aim for next week is to get my energy back, exercise and still retain my sudden ability to achieve!!!

Move over babybrain…I’m coming back!

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